Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remembering Black Saturday...

We headed bush for our weekend away....

Much of this area was burnt out in the terrible 

bushfires of January 2009!

But that's the wonderful thing about the Aussie 


It regenerates itself so quickly!

Marysville was one of the worst places hit...

This fence post, charred at the top and bottom hints 

of what happened here...

the house is gone...

The town is slowly being re-built...

with beautiful gardens...

And we had a bit of fun in the playground!

 Steavenson's Falls is a popular walking spot...

with plenty of wild flowers on the way...

Not much sewing done, but there's always fabric to 

be bought!

I promise to be back soon with some sewing!

Happy days!



  1. How amazing and wonderful to see it doing so well - it just looks beautiful. I go on the zip wires in the playgrounds back home - luckily Z is too young to be embarrassed...hmm, how long will that last?

  2. Wow...are all those beautiful pictures from the burned out bush area? That is really unbelievable. Thank u for sharing it all.

  3. Looks like you have had a beautiful time!

  4. it's great to see the area recovering......

  5. What a beautiful place!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend away.

  6. Gosh what a beautiful place to go and visit! Some great prints there too.

  7. Looks like a great getaway. I love the flying fox photos!!
    And all that ferny bush reminds me more of NZ bush than the scrubby bush we have here in WA.
    Maybe I need to move there... :)

  8. That wisteria is so pretty. I often forget that you are the opposite of seasons and it is spring there! Everything must be in bloom

  9. I'm so glad to see things are regenerating there, it actually looks lovely now. Kat is right - the ferns remind me of the NZ bush very much. The high canopy with gum trees etc is different though. Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

  10. It looks like you had lots of fun! The flowers and the waterfall are amazing! Great fabric:)

  11. Lovely fabrics. How wonderful to see Mother Nature healing the land - must get up there soon. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  12. Your beautiful pictures actually make me want to visit that area! they are amazing.
    How wonderful that nature can regenerate so well!

  13. Oh my! Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery with us, Suz!


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