Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Random Thursday (nearly Friday!).....

Boronia is a native Australian plant!

It has the most heavenly fragrance!

We visited IMAX in the city last week....

I love the contrast between the old and new!

I have done a little Spring cleaning too...

Scraps all colour sorted!

MrPnP and I celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary 


Look at those 80's glasses!

I have done some more secret sewing...

And have been practicing my QAYG....

Low volume log cabins

I have definite plans for these!

MrPnP are having a couple of days away...

Hope to be back on Sunday with my quilt for...

Amy's Creative Side

And why am I so late....

Just arrived home from seeing 
"Mumford and Sons" play to a sellout audience in Melbourne!

Happy days!



  1. Happy anniversary! Love the photo of you both, weren't the 80s wild?

  2. awesome randomness! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary. Anxious to see the secret sewing. And Mumford and Sons--wow!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm totally jealous about the Mumford & Sons…. :-)

  5. Lots of random goodness going on in your life. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary! You were a child bride - weren't you!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! I love your wedding photo! Boronia is one of my favourite flowers, the smell is heavenly! You're working on lots if fabulous things in your sewing room!

  8. Happy anniversary. I adore the fragrance of boronia.

  9. Happy Anniversary Susan - such a great photo of you both! Would love to get the chance to see Mumford and Sons play.

  10. Are you participating in the log cabin along... or is it just a coincidence?? I'll be interested to see what you do with them (and if it's anything like what I'm going to do to mine once I've sewn them of course). Also, I think I may have had those same glasses... thankfully none of those photos are digitized!

  11. Happy Anniversary! That plant is a gorgeous color! Wow! Susan you were a beautiful bride...but you look like you are about 15!!! Such a pretty wonder Mr. PnP married you. I want to know what you are going to do to join your blocks? How do you like quilting as you go? Have fun you crazy kids! LOL!

  12. I love Boronia and hardly anyone grows it now.
    Congrats on the anniversary and well done!

  13. Happy Anniversary!
    And btw,your QAYG low volume patches are looking *phenomenal*! Can't wait to see your plans for these...

  14. Happy anniversary, have a great weekend. Love those glasses.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding picture!

  16. Love your wedding photo:-)

    Your log cabins are beautiful - such pretty colours, I feel inspired to make some!


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