Monday, October 8, 2012

It is better to give....

than it is to receive!

I did some secret sewing recently,

and these are now living with my dear friend Mary.

A covered notebook....

And a wee pincushion,

inspired blatantly copied from what I saw @ 

I hope they bring as much pleasure as I had in 

making them....

Now, I need some information.....

Do any of my lovely readers know the name of this 


Or where I might get a small piece?

I need about a 12" square to include in my

 Museum Medallion quilt!

I'm sure we could strike a deal!

And I would be eternally grateful.....



  1. Lovely gifts - I bet your frind was really happy. Really like the notebook. I can't help you with the name of the fabric - sorry - but it's nice :)

  2. The fabric is from Josephine Kimberling's Just Dandy line--I don't know the name of the specific print/colorway though. Pretty presents you made :)

  3. Gorgeous! Couldn't leave that pin cushion unattended at my house, someone would try to eat it! Can't help with the fabric, sorry, hope that someone else can. x x

  4. I will dig deep as I am sure I have some, but maybe only a smaller bit though - I'll let you know tomorrow x

  5. Lovely gift! I love making handmade gift too.. Even though sometime they even cost more! It is more satisfying. I think that fabric is Just Dandy in Yellow maybe?

  6. Such gorgeous gifts, it truly is wonderful to receive something that someone has put a little of themselves into! I'm glad a few people seem to know what that gorgeous fabric is, hope you find it. xo

  7. Oh Susan! You made my birthday so special! You spoiled me rotten! Thank you so much for being my very good friend. That fabric is from Just Dandy. I will see if I can locate some. Thank you again Susan. I love both the notebook and the pincushion. I can always use a pincushion, but I love notebooks {its a teacher thing}. Perfect gift ;)

  8. Such lovely presents, I especially love the pincushion. And it looks like people know your fabric too.

  9. Have you had any luck finding your fabric, I am sure I have some Indy stash

  10. great gifts, sorry I don't know the fabrics

  11. Super notebook cover! What an awesome present!
    Sorry, no luck here RE the fabric. Hopefully someone above can help you out...

  12. Lovely thoughtful gifts. And from her comment your friend Mary loved receiving them. Yay!!

  13. Beautiful gifts Susan and I love that cupcake pin cushion...I shall have to make my aunt one as she loves baking and sewing.

  14. Beautiful beautiful gifts Susan, the pincushion is truly adorable!

  15. Love the fabrics you chose for the notebook cover and the cute little hexies.
    I'm glad someone knew what the fabric was...hope you get what you need :)

  16. Such gorgeous gifts. That notebook is really lovely and how cute is that pincushion!!

  17. Isn't it nice to be able to put a question out into the blogging world and get an almost instant answer. Such helpful blogging peeps!
    And that pincushion is lovely, might have to whip one up to add to my pincushion collection. :)


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