Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIPs Wednesday.....

It has been four weeks since my last WIP post when I 

put my list out there.....


Winter dress- made and worn - twice- in Sydney!

Wall quilt....

 and placemats for my sister!

Secret project #1- Reading bag.....

Secret project #2 - Project Gingham.....

Another Jazz Hands block...

which is strictly really a WIP....

A couple of potholders which weren't on the list!


"Crossroads" quilt- being machine quilted at this very 


Some secret star blocks for a friend...

"Four Patch"

both patterns sourced from here,

and the hand quilting on "Summer Stars" is slowly 

coming along...

And I've started another quilt.....

Cutting into my precious stash of "Echo"!

I can hardly wait to get stuck into this.....

My WIPs list is a little shorter and a bit more 


Which is just as well, as its back to 'paid' work soon!

Linking up here @ Freshly Pieced!

Back to the quilting!

Happy sewing!



  1. WOW, you've had alot of great finishes!

  2. You've been busy!!! You're really flying through your projects!

  3. This is an impressive list. You have really made the most of you time off!

  4. Ooh you've accomplished quite a lot! Keen to see what you make with your Echo fabric!

  5. Oh those Jazz Hands blocks are killing me - they are so gorgeous! Enjoy the last of your holidays.
    P.S. Love the potholders, how can I get a hold of something like that?

  6. So many lovely projects - love the jazz hands block and I can't wait to see what you are stitching up with the Echo!

  7. Wow! That is a heck of a finished list. Well done.

  8. I always love your fresh happy looking projects... lots done...

  9. Hey how busy have you been? Love your work and choice of colours. I have fallen in love with the Crossroads quilt. Dropping by from Freshly pieced.

  10. Susan your finishes are so fresh and fun! I love the pieces you made for your sister. And your crossroads quilt is genius! The stripes in the quilt make it fantastic! I can't wait to see your new that Echo fabric! I am sure they will be susan spectacular!!!

  11. I love your blocks, especially the Centennial!

  12. Some great upcoming projects there I see. Loving those echo prints...make sure you save some they are very hard to come by now =D

  13. Beautiful work, both the done and the in progress!

  14. All beautiful, but I am still thinking of the "crossroads". I love the colors!

  15. Such gorgeous projects! The reading bag is spectacular and I love the summer stars!

  16. i love all the things you are working on....but i am totally loving the gingham project

  17. Ooooh, I love that Echo, looking forward to seeing what you'll do! Lots of lovely WIPs too, well done :-)

  18. Wow one very busy lady :0), all looking delicious as always. I'm ashamed to say not a thing has gone through my hands or machine these past few weeks. My illness then Mr B being very ill put a stop to that. Beautiful pieces well done. We've come to our holiday hideaway and I've brought fabric with me so fingers crossed I'll have something done this weekend.:0)

    Peg x

  19. Great projects, Susan! Thanks for sharing all your's inspiring!!

  20. can't wait to see what you make with the of my favorite lines of fabric! All your projects are fabulous

  21. Your projects are all really wonderful. Envying your EPPs right now...


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