Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting with a....


I was determined to start the year the way I intend to continue!

And finishing some UFO's is one of my priorities!

My "Pies and Tarts" flimsy 

(this is a new word to me, apparently it is the quilt top?)

has been on my Flick'r photostream for nearly 2 years!

The circles are English Paper Pieced and appliqued to 8" background squares....

Yesterday this is what I achieved!

I straight line quilted in the seams of the background pieces and then 


I even 'fussy cut' some pieces!

I had a fabric someone gifted me in a swap which worked perfectly for binding!

And a pretty vintage style floral for the back..

It's not perfect, but that's ok!

It's not a big one- 48" X 64".....

But still good snuggling size!

This aqua and orange pie is one of my favourites!

I'm calling this quilt "Rainbow Pie".
It is great to start the year with a finish!

Happy sewing!



  1. Great start for 2012. I hadn't seen that one before. It must be nice to have it finished after putting so much work and love into it.

  2. Lovely finish and a fantastic way to start the new year. I love this pattern.

  3. What a great finish... it is lvoely and a lot of work in those pies.... I love the rainbow pie..

  4. Brilliant!
    'Flimsy' always makes me chuckle! That'll be that Aunty H's influence I suspect :)

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful finish. I am hoping to get some sewing time in tomorrow. I have 6 bee blocks due on the 15th!

  6. love those circles- I think it looks wonderful! What a great start to the new year.

  7. it's so beautiful! i want to make one right now!

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I just saw this on Pinterest so I had to run over here to tell you how much I LOVE it!!! I am so glad you finished this because it is a great quilt. And not a small size...great for keeping you warm in the cold months. Love all the fabrics and the color! Great start to the New Year :)

  9. Such a beautiful quilt!

    I see "Flying Blind" is pointing the finger at me for the term "flimsy" --- I picked this term up through blog surfing - I think it describes the quilt top perfectly.. especially if you try and photograph it outside on the clothesline like I do sometimes!!!

    So glad the silly season is behind us... now we can get into some serious sewing:-))

    Have a great day,

  10. I started one of those over a year ago. It was a BOM. Yours looks great! I don't think I will get to mine in quite a while, though. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. That quilt is wonderful! I am so glad you finished it, such a great way to start your year.

  12. Looks great (also looks very fiddley) Well done on getting it into the finished pile (very unusual fabric that you used for the binding) - good to start the year how we intend to finish it... well, that's the plan :-)

  13. Your pies and tarts are brilliant.

  14. Rainbow Pie is such a great name for such a fabulous quilt!! The quilting looks wonderful and suits the pattern perfectly. One flimsy down, how many to go?

  15. Wow you starlet!
    It's awesome, you must be thrilled.
    Happy New Year!!

  16. Suz this is so gorgeous!! What a beautiful quilt - and a good size too. Stunning, love the backing and border too. Incredible work!

  17. Oh I love it. A great start for you.
    And I am glad you posted it today.
    I have been making simple round flowers
    to finish a string pieced quilt. This idea is perfect
    To add a few more and use some smaller pieces! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. that's fantastic! what a great start to the year.

  19. Great quilt. Love the binding fabric.


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