Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank You!

Just a quick "thank you"!

To my small but faithful following.....

It is SO nice to see though, when I check back in to read your comments or to write a new post....

That another follower has joined me on my creative journey!

I do notice!

I don't write this blog to have 1,000 followers, or even 100 ......

But it is great to know that a) I'm not talking to myself.....

and b) my 'play' interests or inspires you!

This worldwide blogging/crafting community is truly amazing!

Have a happy day!



  1. Always fun to read you Suz...

  2. Suz

    You are so great to read - the nicest people are on blogs. I have met the nicest friends since I started blogging.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Of course we find you interesting. That is becuase you are!

  4. I enjoy my daily dose of PatchworknPlay!!! You do some marvelous sewing!

  5. I'm glad I found your blog. You're always up to something fun and you always say it with a smile, so Thank you too!!

  6. Thanks everyone - you are TOO kind!!

  7. Did the follow thing too (I'm slack with it because I just put all my blogs in a blogreader). It's official!

  8. Sometimes I visit without leaving a comment... but I always read! Keep up the good work!

  9. isn't it nice to know you have a bloggy friend or 10!


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