Sunday, March 20, 2011

My front yard!

It was such a beautiful day in Melbourne I just had to get outside!

So after my Sunday morning cycle I did a little filming!

(No sewing today)

I live at a private boys school, where my husband is the caretaker.... 

(The Keeper of the Keys is what I call him!) 

It's about 7 kilometres from Melbourne and this is my 

front yard!

It's a pretty amazing vista.....

That's Melbourne in the distance!

And so peaceful for a change today too....




  1. Wow! That is so you teach at the school or another school? Is this a boarding school? Funny...the skyline of Melbourne looks a lot like from Columbus from a distance :) Beautiful grounds!!! Thanks for sharing Suz - it looks like a wonderful place to enjoy quiet outdoor time.

  2. What a front yard! Also, great header quilt.


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