Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm auditioning...

Fabrics, that is!

For Lynne's QAL over @ Lily's Quilts

I probably don't need anything to add to my 'to-do' list but you know what they 

say about idle hands!

Most of these I purchased from Hawthorne Threads

I know some crafters are a little afraid of putting fabrics together from different 

ranges but it is something I've always done!

When I first started making quilts, there was nothing such as a jelly roll or layer cake!

And I have never bought one!

So I start with a favourite fabric which has a bit of variety in its colour palette....

I chose this Riley Blake "Aprons" from the Domestic Diva range.

(The selvedge can be helpful with this part of the process as well as the colour grid on the Hawthorne Threads site.)

Then I chose some peach/coral, teal/aqua and brown fabrics from my extensive stash...

And I try to make sure I have a balance of large prints and fabrics with smaller motifs too.

For this project I have steered away from florals and included some plains for balance.

There's some 'rule' (which I learnt so long ago that this may not be strictly correct..) about balance being achieved when 60% of one colour, 30% of another and 10% of the last one is used.

I don't stick strictly to this but I do find it useful.

I have been dying to cut into this fabric.....

and am kinda excited to see how this comes together!

Happy sewing.....



  1. I have never heard the 60, 30, 10% rule... great tip.... I also mix fabrics though choosing from a range is nice and easy sometimes...
    Have fun with those... lovely mix

  2. I love that 60 30 10 rule. I've never heard that either. Your fabrics are so gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful mix of colours. I have seen that rule at Bunnings, in the paint samplers area. They used to have some fancy paint chips that had matching colour sets in the 60/30/10 ratio. I wouldn't have thought to apply it to quilts but it makes sense!

  4. I love these fabrics, you have a great eye for pattern and color


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