Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Flying Visit to the Past

As you may remember, I am on a fabric diet.

I have enough fabric in my stash for 100 quilts AND hours of sewing!

Well, may not 100!

Anyway, I found some fabric that I used in my first quilt some 26 years ago!

I no longer have the quilt but I was staggered to find I still had some of the fabric !!

The fabric in those days was mainly 'country' type prints!

And it looks like green has always been a bit of a favorite color of mine!

There was no such things as jelly rolls or layer cakes then.

(In fact, I still don't own any!!)

This is probably the oldest one of my quilts that I still have!

It is in quite a sad state but I could NOT bear to part with it!

It is the flying geese design-

I remember using plastic templates to trace around, onto the fabric and cutting all the pieces out by hand!

I don't think I even owned a rotary cutter!

Then it was all hand pieced and hand quilted.

I can't believe how thin the batting is!

And polyester!!!

(My, how things have changed!)

It has indeed seen better days,  but its nice to have a link to the past!

What is the oldest quilt that you own, that YOU made?

Happy sewing!


PS I have been away for the last few days but have been constantly thinking about my friends and neighbors in flooded Queensland.  Take care - you are in our prayers!

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  1. I love your old quilt. The oldest quilt I have is the first quilt I ever made and I made it for my late grandmother. It was made by cutting everything out by hand, tacking it on to cardboard and then hand sewing it all together. That includes the sashings!!! And it was quilted with the thickest polyester batting I have ever seen. I still have it but it never sees the light of day these days.


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