Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Blouse

Following the success of my boat necked blouse made from Lecien fabric before Christmas, 

I thought I'd try another.

This one is a New Look pattern No. 6937.

The details on the front are a little difficult to make out from the photos- sorry!

(And I haven't worked out yet how to take a decent photo of myself wearing it!)

The one I made is on the bottom right hand side of the packet envelope (below)-

It is in a lovely soft voile, and will be worn to work when Summer in Melbourne finally hits.

Which, no doubt, will be in the next week or so when the kids (and I), go back to school!

I bought the fabric at Spotlight ages ago, so I can't even remember how much it cost.


Anyway, I do get a certain satisfaction from this type of sewing -

an individual garment which NO one else is wearing.

And usually fairly reasonably priced!

Gotta be happy with that!

Do you make your own clothes?

Happy sewing 



  1. Beautiful! And voile, that will feel so nice on a hot summer's day. Nice work!

  2. Not yet - but i really like that pattern. Where can I find that one? I love the blouses on it.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Great blouse! Very nicely done and perfect for the warm weather.

  4. Your blouse is lovely! I've made a few blouses and have plans for a few more, but I'd really love to get a serger for a more professional look...sadly I am a perfectionist ;D


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