Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great minds think alike!

You know what they say- Great minds think alike!

How's this for a funny "what did you get for Christmas" story?

My husband proudly presented me with this as one of my gifts this year- 

Many of my regular readers know that my latest Chubby Star Quilt came from this book.

So yes, I do already own a copy!

As if that wasn't bad enough, will I was explaining this to my family, No 1 son dashes to the bookshelf 

and finds that I also own this-

So he doesn't even want me to unwrap his gift!

Yes - he'd bought the second book of the series!

He told me he took a long time deciding which one of the two to buy but settled on No.2 because he thought I had less chance of having that one!

Never mind!

At least they were trying to make me happy by getting me something I would really love!

Just as well gift exchange cards were included and I can get some 'new' books for my sewing library!

Any suggestions?

What did you get for Christmas?  Any surprises?

Have a great day!



Dorine said...

You hope you had a wonderfull time with all you lovedones
greetings from Holland Dorine

Frances Leate said...

I have received a few "oops" gifts in the past but this year I am delighted to say that didn't happen. I am now the proud owner of Photoshop - a new program to learn and I got the "Wii" fitness package as I often don't find the time to walk like I used to - the continual rain doesn't help either. I hope 2011 will be a special year for you.

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