Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Creations!

I have already shown you my Christmas Belles quilt.

I have a couple of other pieces that are quite special to me!

(My husband and I live in a small one bedroom apartment so not everything comes out every year.) 

I made this little reindeer quilt many years ago... 

and I've only just noticed that I didn't quilt it OR label it!

It was a fairly simple design in country colors which I quite liked... at the time!

This little mat is only about 8" square and quite different to the first one.

I think I bought a kit for this, so someone may recognise the designer.

There is red embroidery on white linen surrounded by Christmassy colors/fabric.

And finally our little tree.

This year Christmas at our place will be a little low key.

Last year No. 1 son was away, this year it's No. 2's turn.

So brunch with friends and dinner for four.

Trust your plans are progressing well!

Catch ya soon!


1 comment:

BubzRugz said...

Pretty decorations... I really like the reindeer one..
Merry Christmas to you and yours....

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