Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pink and Green Quilt!

My weekend efforts-

This is my abridged and simple version of a tutorial!


Close up!

This is the progress on my Pink and Green Quilt (must think of a better name for it!- any suggestions?)

I originally blogged about it back at my other 'home', here.

Raf's Mum had a great suggestion but with so much to do, I couldn't face a whole bunch of 6" stars.

Latest round
I am happy with the latest additions.

I think it is time for a final border of flowers!

That would be one less UFO lurking in the cupboard!

Then it would only need quilting!

Have a fun day!



  1. I love your new blog name ... very creative! I'm a new follower/friend of yours. Found you via the Quilting Gallery log cabin contest. Beautiful quilt, by the way :o). Then, when I follow your links I end up here and find my favorite two colors being used in a quilt made by you. Wonderful and have a super day ... even if I'm still in your yesterday and you're in my tomorrow :) okay ... hard to follow but your blog isn't so I'll be watchin' Take care.

  2. Beautiful Quilt...something about Pink & Green that we all love...I have popped over from Red Pepper Quilts to say 'Hi'...

  3. Hi Sue,
    I 'finally' found you through the Quilting Gallary. I was the one that received your posey needle case & JUST loved it especially the little bee from Paris. I had to show it to every one what a hit it was! I love your new Blog site especially the colors my favorite pink, pink & more pink. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. I really like it--particularly the applique flowers. They look very nice.


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