Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello Again!

Not sure whether this is a move or a name change!

Certainly easier than moving house!

But I feel like I am going through a divorce!  The last time I changed my name was nearly thirty years ago when I was married.  Didn't have real intentions of going back to my maiden name!

Anyway here I am at my new home with my new name.

Patchwork and Play! 

Do you like it?

I'm very pleased with it - I hope it inspires me in my patchwork, sewing and all the fun things in life we like to 'play' around with.

This photo is a little out of the ordinary- not what I would normally post but it is about the fun stuff in life!

Getting together with friends (and MrPandP), eating good food and drinking good wine!

And for the patchwork theme, this is a patch I recently completed for a swap I am doing.

I certainly hope my partner likes it.  I had all sorts of trouble finding fabrics she likes by designers she likes!

I'm not really into choosing fabric lines by designer, I just buy fabric I like.

I am pleased with the final result.

What do you think?

Anyway, have a fun day!



  1. You are not lost. I found you. Yay for your new place.

  2. Love the new look blog!! The name is perfect!

    I'm with you re buying fabrics ... I cut off (and keep) the selvedges so I couldn't tell you who designed it or where it came from anyway!!! I keep the selvedges as I'm going to try a selvedge project someday!!

    Happy sewing!


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