Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Night and Day....

In the evenings,  I'm hand quilting this...

And in the day....

when time allows,

I'll be working on this!

Basted on tables for the first time!

Happy sewing!



  1. Days and nights and plenty to play with. Looks like fun to me ... with pretty results.

  2. Good stuff here, Susan! I think you hand quilt without a hoop, right? And the quilt that's basted... did you spray baste it? Or was the photo taken before you'd pinned it? I use a whole lot more tape on the backing edges than you do! :-) I'm so happy for you to have found tables on which to do this job. Yay!

  3. Yippee for the tables! I use my kitchen counter, but I can only do half at a time. I may go and seek out some tables like you have. Fun to see these colorful quilts. You are amazing!

  4. I wish I had a room big enough for a table to baste on. I don't mind crawling around on the floor (I do lots of that at school) but when we made the "gala"quilts, it was so much nicer to not have to be on top of it as we could put several tables together and work around the edges.

  5. Love all your colourful quilts - they are great to be working on in winter.

  6. Exciting to see it all coming together. Great planning for night and day. Isn't it wonderful to have access to those bigger tables for basting!

  7. Basting on tables really saves my back. Your hand quilting looks great.

  8. Amazing hand quilting Susan - it just lends itself to certain quilts, and this looks like a great match.

  9. So exciting seeing your 'wild ride' quilt all together, so-o-o nearly finished! Is that 1st quilt a sampler of sorts? I don't recall seeing it before!


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