Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Delilah-a progress report

There has been little time for sewing in my life 


except for my Delilah blocks!

Even these have been made for a couple of weeks...

I tried to make one scrappier than the other....

in a hope to control the fussy nature of this quilt!

I have heard that there are many 'filler' blocks 


so tonight I got started on some 3.5" pinwheels!

I'm counting the days until our 3 week, mid-year 


when I might just sew, and stitch and share!

Happy days!



  1. very your colors and your scrapiness

  2. Those blocks look great and I love the colors.

  3. Love the first block of your latest ones. Don't envy all the little filler blocks you'll be making though.

  4. I know all too well what you are sewing through. Love this color combination of coral and teal (blue-green?) And I think you are using a lot of new fabrics or some I don't recognize. If you are, good for you. As always, love the blocks and your combinations.

  5. I really love the color combination you have chosen, It is going to be so lovely!

  6. Such a great looking block you've got there--and wow! they are stunning all together. I linked to your blog tonight as I credit you for my inspiration for hand-quilting my Liberty quilt. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration not only in quilting, but also in creating!

  7. Loving your blocks, great colours! Do you use your stash for these or do the fabrics come monthly with the pattern?

  8. You're showing wonderful blocks again! And I can well understand, that you are looking forward to some sewing time during school break :-)

  9. It is such a hard time to find a break for sewing.
    Lovely to see the blocks you have done.
    Keep counting those days and get ready for that wonderful 3 week break!

  10. I really like these star patterned Delilah blocks - and can't help wondering how they would look as a quilt with just this pattern? Although a lot of work, and probably a pain in the neck to join together. Once again, a delightful combination of fabrics.

  11. Just wonderful. I love the prints you used and it's so fun to watch your work. Are these Y Seams?

  12. Hi ! We love your choice of fabric colors and patterns for your Delilah blocks! And, your workmanship is perfect. Your project looks fabulous ! We look forward to seeing many more photos and reading all the updates. We can certainly relate to the challenge of finding time to sew.
    We really like your blog ! 🙂 Kind regards, from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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