Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pulling out a WIP!

I decided it was time I pulled out my 

New York Beauty blocks

One of the new ones is here....
and add to them!

While they do take some time....

they are very satisfying to make!

playing with the fabric combinations!

I do love how they look together!

They are only 8" finished, so it won't be a large 


I am now thinking about how I might sash them,

which may involve flying geese.

I think they need some breathing space!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show and Tell!

I am back from my little beach getaway...

where we did lots of walking,

and people watching!

This is what I managed to sew, hand stitching in the 


My first Delilah block!
With another one cut out ready to stitch.

Amitie is moving soon so I decided I needed to take 

some fabric off their hands...

for Delilah, of course!

and the batting is going to be used soon for my 

"Chucky's In Love" quilt,

Five metres of Lizzie House, "Castle Peeps"
because I found a fabulous fabric for the backing!

This is my first block for the Gridster Bee...

designed by Nancy herself!

With fabric cut and ready for the next...

Plenty to keep me busy!

Happy sewing! 


Saturday, April 1, 2017


While not there has not been much sewing happening here at Patchwork n Play....

more work than play really!

There is still inspiration and planning going on!

I found this scrap amongst some fabrics I had 

forgotten about...

and decided that was the perfect colour palette for 

my newest 'start' - the Delilah pattern...

The book, on the left,  I recently won!

So I had great fun pulling these from my stash.

And I had a credit at my local fabric store....

so these cost me the princely sum of $5!

I'll be hand piecing the Delilah blocks for this 


the perfect project to take on my little beach sojourn!

Happy sewing!


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