Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Palette Cleanser

 I may call my latest flimsy finish "Palette Cleanser"?

I rarely make a totally solid quilt and this felt like 

cleansing the palette of florals and prints! 

Or maybe I will call it "On Solid Ground",

for fairly obvious reasons.

I posted this photo (above) to Instagram, back at the 

start of June,

thinking I would make a very large quilt with 13 full 

blocks set on point,

with a number of half blocks to fill in the gaps.

Sadly, the making of these blocks was becoming a 


so once I finished up the ninth block on Monday,

I decided it was done!

So all that needs to be decided is the backing and the 


Can you believe I have NO OTHER WIPS to sew!?

I do have my botanical art to keep me busy.....

Maybe you have a favourite pattern that you'd like to 

see 'take' on?

I'd love to know!

Happy days!



Florida Farm Girl said...

Botanical art? Show me, please. My quilting has been lagging too. Been working on a king sized quilt for neighbor and its getting to be a chore too but I'm really on the home stretch so must keep going.

Susan Smith said...

Well done on getting to the flimsy stage & it is a very striking & colourful quilt. Take care & stay warm.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Yes, a striking colourful quilt. Love the soft peach in-between, it's a great contrast. It looks like everything lined up beautifully when you joined your blocks, beautiful. Have you decided on a quilting pattern yet? and... have you got anything quilty in the works now?

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