Thursday, September 14, 2023

In The Sticks!

 I have a finish to share....

Just my 5th full-sized quilt for 2023.

I based this quilt on a few I had seen on Pinterest. 

It seems it was popular back in 2009 on 

"Film In the Fridge" blog

A tutorial for the blocks is here


I initially quilted in the centre of the white strips in a 

grid design,

and decided it wasn't enough.

So then I went back and did a random square spiral!

Still not finished....

I used perle thread in black to hand quilt each block!

I think it adds something extra to the final look.

So "In the Sticks" is done!

Yes, I think our friends believe we live "in the sticks" as 

described by Merriam-Webster:

"an area in the country that is far away from towns and cities"

so that is what I've named it.

The back is all made from stash!

Perhaps they think we live in this house?

Quilt #5-2023

Lifetime Quilt No.151

Happy sewing!



Gretchen Weaver said...

Lovely quilt! It's so nice when we can make a quilt from the stash. I prefer to live in the 'sticks' instead of a populated area. Happy stitching!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A super quilt Susan. Great way to use up all those fabric strips. I have a bag here, just waiting for inspiration to hit...did you use paper or fabric foundations?
Great photo shoot too👍

Florida Farm Girl said...

Great quilt. Isn't it wonderful living in the sticks? I love my small town and don't want to go anywhere else,

Susan Smith said...

Love it and your hero photos too.

Hubblebird said...

This is one of the best string block quilts of this type that I’ve ever seen. So neat and pretty. And I love the idea of going back to finish off with the hand quilting. Just gorgeous.

Karen S said...

This is a wonderful finish. I do like string blocks and yours hits the mark perfectly. Lovely photos out in the sticks, too.

OPQuilt said...

Such a wonderful quilt, Susan. You inspire me to make something of all those long skinny strips I've been throwing in the scrap basket -- and I'm totally impressed with the hand stitching. Yes, it does make it special :) And Film in the Fridge--it's been ages since I've been to her blog, so thanks for the link.

Frogdancer said...

Love it.
I'm catching up on blog posts after being away for 5 weeks.

Kim said...

Such a beautiful quilt exploding with bright and happy colour! The back is fabulous, too.

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