Friday, June 9, 2023

Aviary- a wall quilt

This was the fifth and last budgie-come-parrot I made.

Yet again I add a few more pieces to the pattern to 

give it a more colourful look.

I put the quilt top together with some spacers between 

each bird. 

It was tricky getting those in-between perch pieces right!

They look pretty cute with their felt eyes, which I 

blanket stitched on after it was quilted.

I like having a unique quilt hanging on my walls, 

especially one with an Australian flavour to it!

"Aviary" finishes at 12" by 31"

I've set myself a bit of a deadline with my crafting 

other projects.....

knitting a jumper, 

Don't worry, it's much more advanced than this!

hand quilting my Sugar Gum wall quilt and machine,

I'm waiting on Aurifil thread to arrive!

 quilting my 1974 Charm Star quilt.....

The next machine quilting task on the list

because I'm heading overseas in July for a rather 

special family event.

The string quilt may have to wait til August to be finished!

But more on that soon!

Happy days!




Kim said...

How pretty those birds look all perched in a row, in your Aviary quilt. A lovely finish. The quilting in your Sugar Gum quilt looks amazing. overseas holiday... how exciting!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Loved watching your budgies come alive :)

Susan Smith said...

Oh, the birds & sugar gum blossom all look amazing. Well done! An overseas holiday? We'd love too again, to see family, but at triple the cost of our last few, not sure anymore. Stay warm, enjoy this long weekend & hugs.

Florida Farm Girl said...

You've been a busy girl. Meanwhile, I've been a slug when it comes to my sewing.

Karen S said...

Aviary is gorgeous. The birds are beautiful. great colours and lovely work with the quilting. This will look lovely hanging in your home.
And good luck with your deadlines.
What direction are heading in July?

OPQuilt said...

I'm in love with your birds -- when I first saw them, I didn't stop long enough to tell you. They are amazing to look at it and I think the perch looks great. It would be really tricky!

I may have to get this pattern and give a budgie a try, although it will remind me of you in Australia, as our birds are not as colorful as yours. Such a terrific finish-- bravo!

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