Monday, April 4, 2022


 That was the name of the green wool I picked up in an 

op shop recently!

My new jumper is a long sleeved version of the 

Soldotna crop!

I think it came together perfectly....

It was even a pleasure burying all those threads..

More details of the sleeve decreasing can be found on 

On a bit of side note, do you find reading my blog 

difficult because all the text is centred?

I have a feeling one of my long time followers has 

stopped reading my blog for this reason!

Never mind....their loss!

Everything looks good with a pompom!

I also knitted up this little beanie, 

while I was away on holidays recently!

It is made from a self striping yarn- 

I now need to find another project for nights in front of 

the TV!

Happy days!



Needled Mom said...

The sweater is beautiful. I love the colors. The cap is so nice too.

Lynda said...

I love your new jumper. The colours are wonderful. Centre alignment doesn't bother me :)

Kay said...

The jumper is great. Such happy colours. I am quite happy with the text, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Susan Smith said...

Lovely new jumper with its fair isle yoke. The beanie is sweet & I've taken to knitting a few doggie jumpers for friends with canine kids. I always need to be busy while watching mindless TV. Take care and hugs.

GO STARS! said...

I love your new sweater. The colors are beautiful and bright.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Great looking sweater. It's been many years since I did anything that big. I've been busy these days knitting beanie hats for a homeless charity. I recently found out about HELIX knitting and I'm hooked haha. I'm made 4 hats using 2 strands - one plain one variegated - and I love the effect. These hats and more to come, will (hopefully) be sold and any money raised will go to Parkinsons charity. Centred text is ok with me :)

Sue said...

I Love your sweater Suz. The colors are gorgeous, and fancy getting the yarn from an op shop. How lucky was that. I was looking at knitting this sweater. Did you make any alterations to the neck?

Karen S said...

Just catching up on posts after a week away.
Love the colours in your new jumper. I do like the way the design comes together.
And the hat is a delight, too.
No, not a problem reading your blog the way it is. All fine by me.

OPQuilt said...

Who cares if your text is centered? Write however you want, it's fine by me (although I tend to read in batches).

I love that opening photo with your bright smile and your beautiful sweater! What a gorgeous color with a funny name, but again, I am impressed with your talents and skills. I love the pattern and am also impressed with your beanie-making. You are a amazing.

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