Friday, January 14, 2022

Two weeks into 2022

 and barely a stitch has been sewn!

I have moved house after spending 18 years in my 

previous 'home'.

During the unpacking, I managed to rip one of my 

favourite "Gorman" dresses....

Not a large hole but front, centre and at knee level.

So I decided on some visible mending....

 a little piece of fabric from my extensive stash was 


 and applied with a running stitch of stranded 

embroidery thread.

I also sewed a denim skirt, challenging myself with a fly 

zip closure....

The colour is not a true representation

YouTube is your friend when the pattern's instructions 

are brief and confusing! 

When I get the buttonhole made and the button sewn 

on, I'll to share another photo.

I have enjoyed knitting in the evenings....

I find it very relaxing! 

This will be a long sleeved version of my Soldotna top 

which I made a couple of years ago.

Now that we are settled into our 'temporary' home,

 where we will be for about five months,

I'm planning my first quilt for 2022....

and my second and third!

Happy sewing!



Susan Smith said...

Glad to see a post pop up & am surprised you've moved. May I ask if it is temporary due to you possibly building? I love to knit/crochet of an evening or maybe a bit of embroidery or sewing a binding on. I do find it hard to sit & do nothing. I love your mending & have just done that on my (now don't laugh)heatbag bear who sprang a hole on his tummy. Look forward to seeing the quilts coming up. Take care & hugs.

Patricia said...

I like you metal racks that you have. Can you share were you got them?

Patricia said...

Like your post and love the hutch and the metal ladder. Can you share were the metal ladders came from. ?

FlourishingPalms said...

I think it's wonderful that you've had this opportunity to change your environment, and enjoy new scenery. Your Instagram pictures of the sites you're seeing, make it look idyllic. I hope you're enjoying this new sewing space, and that your creativity finds lots of good inspiration. You're certainly on the right track with that beautiful sweater! Starting one or two new quilts sounds perfect. Have fun with them!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Good luck with the next move. Great fix on the dress.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Bless you. Facing the prospect of moving again in five months would be daunting to me. Glad you're settled enough to get on with the sewing!

Karen S said...

I hope the move went smoothly. Good to see you settled in and starting to think sewing and quilting.
What a shame about your dress!!! Cute fix, though.
Your knitting looks lovely, too. Gorgeous colours.

Rajani Rehana said...

Super blog

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