Thursday, December 30, 2021

My Top Five of 2021

 I'm joining in with the linky party 

hosted by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs by sharing 

my favourite five finishes of 2021!

I think my favourite quilt finish for the year was 

my last one.....

There was hand and machine piecing, appliqué, and lots 

of hand quilting in this one!

And at 78" square it's a great size on my bed.

My favourite clothing make was my Whittaker pinafore, 

the third one of this pattern I have made.

It is a lovely soft denim which I really enjoy wearing.

Another garment that I made was this hand knitted 


It is also very soft and snuggly!

My sister gifted me this purse kit for my birthday back 

in February.....

and I really enjoyed making it!

Finally I chose this cushion as my favourite fifth make...

The octagons were unusual and a unique shape to work 


But because this is primarily a quilting blog, 

I thought I would share a collage of the twelve quilts 

I made this year!

Six of these I have given away, the other six I still have!

Can anyone have too many quilts?

Thanks for all your support this year. Your views and comments mean a lot to me....
See you in 2022!



Kay said...

So much loveliness! I have to agree that my favourite is also your final quilt which is fabulous. I also rather like the octagon cushion which showcases some great prints. Looking at the other quilts the ones that stand out for me are the Plus/+ quilt and the snowflake design. X

Cheryl said...

Congrats on all of the wonderful finishes for 2021! Thanks for linking up and happy New Year!

Needledmom said...

They are all beautiful. It was a wonderfully productive year for you and I enjoyed the ride!

Suz J said...

A year well spent... Lots of variety in colour, form and techniques and it looks like you had lots of fun. And to answer your question... There are never too many quilts 😂. Happy new years Suz!!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lots of variety here, you have been busy! Love your latest quilt, so much to look at and the pastel palette is delightful with those pops of darker blues. said...

You had a wonderful year of beautiful makes and I’m in agreement with you that your last quilt is my favorite too but I do love your pinafore-it’s so you. Thanks for sharing and always being an inspiration. Happy New Year,

GO STARS! said...

I love your most recent finish. It is quite a quilt! The rainforest friend quilt is very cute too. I’ve been following it on Instagram. Happy New Year! May 2022 be a good one for you!

KaHolly said...

You had quite a year, Suz! Lovely projects! Happy New Year!

Karen S said...

That is a lovely collection of your favourites. Great to see such a variety. The way things are going here at the moment e will be spending more time at home sewing. Make the most of it.

OPQuilt said...

( can never have too many quilts, but I'm going to have to start giving away more--the closet is full.)

I loved this post, with all your beautiful handiwork all displayed. Your beautiful knitted items, your quilts and purses--all so pristine and beautiful. You are so skilled and have a great sense of color, so it is a joy to see these. I'm quite fond of that "top" quilt, too. It's remarkable!! Congratulations on a full year of making.

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