Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Lull...

 in the quilt-making at least!

While I wait for my Blossoming Blooms quilts to be 

professionally quilted,

I have not been inspired to start a new quilt.

That's not to say I haven't been dabbling in other fabric 

related pursuits...

I visited a small Vintage textile/garment exhibition and 

these two dresses caught my eye...

An unusual floral arrangement with pomegranates and 


I also finished my Whittaker pinafore, all except for the

buttons and buttonholes!

The front...

The back...

I will need to get some 'glamour' shots when it is 

properly done!

I have also been enjoying a change of pace working on 

this jigsaw puzzle! 

While it is not fabric, it is designed by Monika Forsberg.

She designs fabric for Gorman, a favourite dress shop in 


 AND for Anna Maria Horner's Conservatory range.

In fact, Blossoming Blooms is made primarily from her 


Finally, I prepared blocks and a table runner for a 

"machine quilting with rulers" class I'm starting on 


I really love this colour palette!

Maybe this will become my next quilting project?

Happy days!



Deanna said...

So many lovely projects and ideas.

Susan Smith said...

Maybe no actual quilting, but you've still been super busy. Cooler weather does bring out the jigsaws here at times too. Take care & stay safe,

Needled Mom said...

You have been so productive, even if it’s not quilting.

Lynda said...

Love your pinafore. Was there a zip in the dark floral dress - so many buttons and loops to deal with otherwise :)

FlourishingPalms said...

I know exactly how you're feeling about quiltmaking! I too have been "off" making quilts, instead finding great satisfaction in smaller, faster makes. The two vintage dresses you liked are a great contrast to the pinafore you made! Bright, Blossoming prints are my jam, as is the puzzle you're doing. Are you taking your ruler work quilting in person? Or is it a virtual workshop? I hope it's in person because a virtual instructor can't give you the feedback you need as you quilt for a videocamera.

OPQuilt said...

So much fun, flowers and goodness in this post. Congrats on finishing up your pinafore--I love how you find a pattern, make it your own, then can make it up again quickly. I need to do this... Fun to see what you are up to.

Suz J said...

Oh yes... I can see why those dresses appealed... Simply stunning. The back of the pinafore is just as fun as the front. You could even do another with patch pockets on the front as a variation and they'd still look cool! 😎

Karen S said...

Wow. You may not be sewing a quilt but you have kept busy with a lot of lovely inspiration.
Love the displays.
And I hope you caught up on the buttons and button holes. It will be a bit drafty otherwise!
How did the ruler class go?

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