Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cotton, wool etc

While I was away, before our recent alarming COVID-19 spike,
    I bought this from an Instagram destash sale.
And this....

 I've spent some time unravelling a hand-knitted cardigan.

It belongs to my sister, and I
 obviously love the colour!

My grandson Eli is 4 soon, and he is a budding doctor.
         So some mini-scrubs were requested!

I have been making this skirt, with buttons I still need to purchase to complete it.

I've purchased a pattern for a pinafore to be made from this lovely denim a friend gave me!

Finally, I have slowly been English Paper Piecing my Quattro Colour blocks...

I must admit, with the possibility of another lockdown and online teaching looming, my enthusiasm for anything sewing related is dwindling!

Stay safe, stay strong friends!



  1. Lots going on! Great fabrics from the destash. A great collection.
    That is a lovely green in the wool. Great to be able to use it again. I was able to call into Bendigo Woollen Mills yesterday to pick up a wool supply. So glad I did.
    Love the little doctor outfit. That is special. And you are well under way with your own clothing.
    Your EPP blocks are looking great. Lovely combinations.
    Good luck with the next six weeks.

  2. So sorry that you are having to endure another lockdown Susan, it is a bit of a reminder to all of us that we can't afford to be complacent. I hope your enthusiasm for sewing returns, my enthusiasm has been up and down lately, I've given up wondering where it goes. Love that pinafore pattern, it will look great on you.

  3. many interesting project that you have been doing and nice to have them during this time...agree that another lock-down would be very hard. Like all your works there and keep up the good work Suz...

  4. You've certainly taken advantage of at-home time, and have been into an assortment of projects. Love those green prints you collected. They'd look so good together in a project. What determination you have to take apart a sweater to reuse the yarn. Dedication, I'd say. Eli's scrubs are adorable, and it's great you added his name to them. Hopefully he'll still fit into them come October and Halloween. I really like what you're doing with the EPP Quatro Colour blocks. They're beautiful! I hope, emotionally, you're handling stay-at-home well. What else can we do but create during these days, right?

  5. Perhaps I should have one of those de-stash sales!! Those are some lovely green prints. You have been busy. I don't know how teachers and students alike are handling this covid time. I know needs must and all that, but it cannot be easy. Hang in there.

  6. I didn't know you could deconstruct a sweater for the yarn. You must really love the color. It's green so I love it too. Sorry about your renewed lockdown . . . and just when we saw a dim light at the end of the tunnel. I try to focus on each day and getting some small thing done. Haven't sewn in a long time but have been accomplishing loads of yardwork. Finally feeling the tug to get back in the studio and play with fabric. Hope you find the motivation for some fabric play. Your Quattro blocks are full of fabric goodness.

  7. I love everything in this post...the fabric, the yarn...the color green It all cheer me on this rainy
    Covid day

  8. Lots of lovely projects, and nice to add to the stash. I ordered a little fabric way back in the beginning of May, still waiting! And yes, so hard going back into lockdown, stay safe and (please) keep blogging!

  9. We know this has gone on too long when even those of us who love fabric and quilting are losing the desire to sew.
    Your green Instagram fabrics are so bright and cheerful and the scrubs are such a cute idea! Stay safe, maybe take a purposeful break from sewing.

  10. I hear you! It’s so hard to focus during lockdown. Love the mini scrubs!


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