Thursday, July 2, 2020

Our Covid-19 Break out!

No need to comment, I just wanted a record of our                        
              recent getaway(20-27th June 2020)


View from the apartment

Moyne River- Port Fairy

We saw a rainbow every day!

Port Fairy Lighthouse

A beautiful still morning!

Another view of the river

Wind turbines on a farm!

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

Bridgewater Bay!

Some fabric purchases, supporting the local economy


Tower Hill 

The Shipwreck Coast

The Grotto

London Bridge- just not in London!

Happy days!



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  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo’s! I love the light houses and the landscape!

  4. Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing. I would just love to see a little ocean right now but in land locked Colorado I'll settle for our mountains. Hoping to go hiking soon.

  5. I so buoyed seeing your pictures on IG.

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous, Susan! I'm so glad you shared them here, and I could see that you two drove along the south coast. That's some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. In fact, when I'm feeling low, I imagine myself there, looking across the rock formations and the ocean. When we were at the Grotto, the water was roiling. Must have been high tide. The story behind that "London Bridge" is amazing - the land broke away while people were out on the point, and they had to be rescued! I'm sorry you too have had another COVID-19 outbreak. It's our way of life here in Florida. A sad, alone way to live, especially when it's unknown when we can travel to visit family.

  7. So many familiar photos of our beautiful south-west coast. Have you ever ventured further inland to see the beautiful tree carvings at Dartmoor? Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  8. Great photos and hang in there and keep safe

  9. I loved seeing your photos. I rode my bicycle through the entire Ocean Road in November and it was gorgeous. I saw many of the sites you photographed! Thanks for the wonderful memories. I am from the USA and it may be that we aren't allowed to visit your lovely country for many, many months, or even years. So sad.

  10. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place. It is great that you were able to get away to be there.

  11. So glad you managed to have a lovely break, great photos!

  12. Lovely photos, Have you picked a retirement spot yet?

  13. It is lovely to see your photos. It is such a gorgeous area to visit.
    And after today's news I am glad you managed to get away.

  14. Awesome photos Susan... so crisp and clear! What are the odd shaped things in the first photo?


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