Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Peg Bags

or clothes pins....

That's what my North American friends call pegs!

I needed a new one and had 'pinned' Carla's version 

(here) on Pinterest ages ago. 

And before too long a friend ordered two more!

I was able to enclose all the seams by altering the 

final assembly step!

They are a surprisingly quick make!

It's great to have another gift idea in the vault!

I think they'd be a good item for fairs and fetes too.

Happy sewing!



  1. These are great and they would be a great seller at fetes. Certainly beats the old plastic basket I use (which spiders seem to love).

  2. Well done. They are very useful. Yes, we call them clothes pins in Canada. ☺

  3. They look great and seem very practical. Fun to use all the different fabrics, too. I agree - great gift idea.

  4. Oh, I sure wish I still had a clothesline so I could have an excuse to own such a cute peg bag. They’re adorable! But, as outdoor clothes-hanging is forbidden here, I’ll just admire your handiwork.

  5. These are cute, Somehow they remind me of a hanging bird cage, I can imagine a bird peering through the round hole 😊

  6. These are gorgeous.... A great sew 😊


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