Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lakeside Circuit

It was such a beautiful Winter's day today, I decided 

that my latest quilt needed an airing!

I had a lovely time photographing it at Blackburn 

Lake Sanctuary!

It was so peaceful without a breath of wind...

I love that little touch of red in there

I enjoyed wandering and finding places to take 


I hope you enjoy them...

I had curious duck glide by for a slightly closer look

I settled on the name while walking the Lakeside 


The colours of the setting are fitting with "lakeside"

and the "circuit" for the spiral quilting.

Even little quilts need glamour photo shoots!

Can you tell I love this little quilt?

Stats: 38" square
Name: "Lakeside Circuit"
Machine quilted in a spiral on my Juki HZL600
7th finish for 2019
and my 107th all-time quilt

Happy sewing!



  1. The spiral quilting turned out beautifully Susan. Great photos too, especially the ones by the lake.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt, fits well with nature!

  3. What a beautiful place you found for styled quilt photos! Love it. Those water reflections are glorious! And your quilt is "mwah!" I love that spiral quilting, and the texture you created. Great name, Great little quilt to gift. Good for you to pare down your green scrap stash too.

  4. I love this quilt! My favorite color is green. And I love the spiral quilting. It’s perfect for the quilt. What a beautiful place to take pictures.

  5. Love everything about this quilt.

  6. Love the quilt and the setting - so peaceful. Love that pattern too.

  7. The photos are so worth the walk....wonderful

  8. Love this quilt and really enjoyed your photos!

  9. I love it when I see quilts in the wild--this is beautiful and beautifully photographed! Congratulations on your 107th finish!

  10. Great photos in beautiful settings. Wow 107!! Well done on another finish. Think I'll have to check out this location too, as it looks like a lovely walking area. Take care & enjoy the weekend, although I think we are in for some rain.

  11. Beautiful quilt and I love your method of using scraps. Very inspiring.

  12. Great photos. Great quilt. And great name!

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