Monday, June 24, 2019

Trying out some new ideas!

My scrappy green quilt is finished, 

and as it was only 38" square, 

I decided to try out spiral quilting for the first time!

I knew pretty much straight away that I wouldn't be 

able to use a washable marker

The colour is off here
to draw my starting spiral.
So I chose to try a dissolvable stabilizer I had from 

an embroidery project.

It is slow going at the start, one stitch at a time.

I started with quite a tight spiral with lines about 

1/4" apart,

slowly increasing it to 1/2" or even a little bit more as

I circled my way out, 

I used the previous stitching line hugging the 

presser foot as I sewed around and around.

You can see the different widths here.

and on the back!

The second thing I wanted to try was a machine 

embroidered label as part of the binding. 

I like how it looks here, but I will need to sew closer 

to the fold next time.

It doesn't sit well when folded to the back.

Now I'm off to get some 'glamour' shots!

Stay tuned for more photos of this as yet unnamed 




FlourishingPalms said...

Looks like you figured out a good way to make the start work for you. Using water-soluble stabilizer is a good method for getting it going because it's true that the first few go-'rounds are the most difficult. I think that's especially true if you're quilting a larger quilt. My first spiral-quilted quilt was 88" X 92", and I shoved that whole thing through a seven-inch harp! Talk about challenging! Honestly, my shoulders ached by the time I was done. I'm glad you tried spiraling, and could do it on a smaller quilt. I like the changing width of the spirals too. So very well done, Susan!

Kara Benavides said...

Looks great. I really like spiral quilting. That is not to say I am great at it. But I am getting better.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Spiral quilting can be a struggle to get started but the effect will be amazing on your log cabin. I'm in the process of doing spirals for a QAYG project. I made a paper template that is cut along the spiral. I trace it onto the very center and then stitch it out. My lines are the width of my foot so about 1/2" apart.

Lisa C said...

Wow! Great job!

Susan Smith said...

Wow, that looks great. I'm not sure that I'd even attempt something like that. Good luck with the glamour shots in this cold weather. Icy here this morning, so should be a clear sunny day if we are lucky. Is photography another of your many talents? Take care & stay warm.

Susan said...

No Susan, I'm no photographer! I just like the challenge of finding an attractive backdrop outside somewhere, even if it is cold! It's fun styling and arranging a quilt to make it look its best! As you can see from these photos, the colours vary with the light available at this time of year! Take care.

Julie said...

I love spiral quilting, I never would have thought to use a dissolvable stabiliser for that.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What beautiful scraps and what a wonderful finish with them. I love the spirals so nice to see curves over all the straight edges. I like your colour palette.

Jenny M said...

beautiful spiral & green is my favourite colour!

OPQuilt said...

Love that spiral quilting--it just makes this quilt! And clever you, with that stitched label on the binding. So terrific! I saw it on IG, and remembered that I hadn't read your post, so came to see all the process photos. Didn't this quilt take you less than a week to complete? If so, you are one speedy quilter.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful spiral quilting.

Anonymous said...
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martins flora said...
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