Thursday, April 18, 2019

Liberty and Kantha

I have a reasonably large stash of Liberty fabrics.

So when I saw a Liberty + Kantha stitch-along happening on Instagram, the idea really appealed to me.

I cut two and a half inch squares and pieced two panels to make a 241 tote bag from Noodlehead.

I backed each piece with some fusible batting and started stitching.

It was the perfect holiday project, in the car and in the sunshine!

I prepared the side and pocket panels before I went on holiday.

The glorious sun shining through really inspired me!

I was excited to return home and piece the bag together....

And before I knew it, it was finished!

It turned out just as I imagined!

Happy days!



  1. Hi Susan! Happy for you to have enjoyed this project so much. Though I'm not a fan of Liberty fabrics, I can appreciate how fun it was for you to have a portable project that you could Kantha-quilt like this. It worked out so well with your travels, and you turned into a beautiful bag. Good on you!

  2. Very cool! The stitching looks awesome on your bag!

  3. I love what you did with the stitching. The photo with the sun shining through is so cool. I've always like that Noodlehead bag too but haven't made one.

  4. Gorgeous. That is a lovely way to use those prints. It looks great with the stitching.
    A wonderful finish.

  5. That's a great bag. Congrats on the finish.

  6. This is terrific!! What a perfectly wonderful project for doing on the road, and in the end, you'll have not only a fun bag, but also a memory-holder for when you were stitching it (I have a couple of quilts like that). Beautifully done--congratulations on a lovely finish!

  7. That's one classy bag! Nice use of those Liberty prints too.

  8. That’s a lovely collection of Liberty fabrics, collected in the Noodlehead bag! The sitching is a beautiful extra!


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