Saturday, April 13, 2019

Midnight Square Dance the name of my latest finish!

(I changed it slightly because I found a pattern name by its 

original working title!)

Straight line quilting in a grid formation

Here are some close-ups I shared on IG....

I added some hand quilting to the white stars

I have had this quilt finished for a while now,

but wanted to get some 'glamour' shots while I was on

holiday in north-east Victoria.

Bright is always beautiful during Autumn....

and I did have my trusty quilt holder with me!

 While we were away, I visited a friend who had found this 

great backdrop for me.....

so we couldn't resist a couple more photos!

 This is the old Wandiligong cool store....

No plans for a Grand Designs renovation here, I'm afraid!

I am giving this to a dear friend soon.

Lifetime Quilt number 105

5th quilt finish for 2019

Happy sewing!



  1. I just love the scrappiness of this one. It's so cheerful and will make a lovely gift. I've been collecting small squares from my scraps in anticipation of some kind of postage stamp quilt.

  2. Very nice! What fun scrappiness, and yay for lovely quilt photos!

  3. A wonderful scrappy quilt! And oh my, such great photos too!

  4. I absolutely love your Midnight Square Dance. I am currently sorting scraps from clothing construction and other since the 80's. So a scrappy pattern is definitely in the mix.

  5. Your Midnight Square Dance quilt is so joyful. I'm sure your friend will love and cherish it x

  6. What a fabulous quilt! Perfect in every way.

  7. Great the quilt and really love the backdrop

  8. Lovely quilt and a wonderful finish. Your photo shoot looks like a lot of fun and the photos are wonderful.

  9. It's a beautiful quilt with gorgeous photos of it.

  10. Such a wonderful quilt Susan (and beautiful part of the world).

  11. You know I love this quilt, Susan! The scrappy patchwork-ness of it is so appealing, especially with those reverse contrasting stars. Great photos too. Is a "cool store," a old storage place with ice for keeping things cold, or a shop for purchasing cold drinks? The texture of the building is a good backdrop for your quilt. Such good work. The recipient must surely love this one.

  12. Now I need to come and go on vacation in Northern Victoria. And bring a quilt.

    All kidding aside, it's a beautiful quilt, and photographed in equally lovely places with great backdrops. Did you do Leaders/Enders to make those central patchwork squares? Congratulations on finishing this fun quilt!

  13. A series of beautiful photo’s, love the scrappiness of the quilt!


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