Sunday, June 17, 2018

No grand illusions!

No, I have no grand illusions about my machine 

quilting abilities...

So it was straight line all the way with my latest 


I made it a little bit special with simple hand quilting.

I'm calling this "Lions and Bears"!

In the winter sun
The recipient, a male colleague who retires from 

teaching this week,

played football for a team that had both these 


I chose these colours because I felt they represented

 my friend's link to those teams and the sporting

 house he has been associated with for the last 

twenty-five years.

And somehow these colours say "Renato" !

I had fun finding new places around my 'home'

to take photos!

This chair was a great colour match,

as was the brickwork of this building!

I love how this quilt crinkled up after a wash and dry!

And hope my friend loves it too!

Happy days!


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you can find me here!


  1. I am sure your friend will love it. I like the earthy colours, and they really do go with lots of different decors, indoors and out.

  2. I love the quilting on Lions and Bears and the story behind the quilt. I am sure your friend will love and appreciate your quilt. I'm going to need to bend your ear as to why you left Blogger since it seems that all of my Blogger Buddies have left recently and I'm the only one left. :)

  3. Love your Lions and Bears quilt. I know the recipient will be in alt when he gets it.
    How is your left hand doing? All healed I hope and not giving you any problems.

    1. Thanks for asking about my hand. It is slowly improving, but it seems another operation is on the cards! I am managing for the moment! And I love the quilt too!

  4. What a great gift, Susan! It's a good masculine sort of design, and between the asymmetry and simple quilting, is an ideal quilt for a fella. You went to a lot of effort for this friend! And don't make light of walking foot quilting. It's just an special as FMQ, and in many cases, I think it's a better choice than FMQ. Gosh, you wouldn't want a sporting quilt covered with feathers, spirals, or floral designs. I think you made the perfect choice. Lovely photos too! I envy you having a pretty campus and pretty buildings available, especially a balcony with an overhanging railing. I think you know that here in The Villages, everything is made to be handicap accessible, so if there's a step, there's only ONE step! A full flight? Impossible to find.

  5. Oh, wow! What a gorgeous piece! I love the offset design and the bold, masculine colors. Your friend will just love this quilt, Suz. Congrats on a wonderful finish with just the perfect quilting :)
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  6. Such a great finish--and I love places where you are photographing. That brickwork really shows off your quilt design (love it) so well. I'm sure your colleague will love it! I'm bookmarking your WP blog now! (I've done WP for several years, so holler if you have any questions, and maybe I can help.)

  7. What a wonderful present! And I am with you on the straight line quilting - it is so effective!

  8. Nothing wrong with straight line quilting. Gorgeous colours and setting for your quilt.
    PS you don't need to reply to this comment.

  9. A beautiful retirement gift for your friend.

  10. I hope it turns out that Blogger comments are working now, and that you don't have to hassle with learning how to use WordPress!

  11. Great result with your finished quilt. This is a very special and generous gift.
    I do like your combination of machine and hand quilting.
    I will now pop over to your WordPress site and catch the next post!!

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