Saturday, February 3, 2018

Finish #3!

 I have another finish to share with you today...

my third for 2018!

"Luna Park"....

is roughly 55" square.

Seventeen of these blocks came from my Gridster 

bee buddies....

and these are the siggy blocks on the back.

Thank you, ladies!

I'm so glad I went with this layout,

Before quilting

after stitching it together with all that horrid black 


I think I have ended up with a much more lively and 

interesting quilt!

I machine quilted around each block first,

to anchor all layers together.

Then quilted with black and navy blue perle thread.

I used a stripey black and white binding, which a 

friend commented that it reminded her of a barber's 


I found this outside one of those hipster barbers 

shops, that are so popular in Melbourne now!

This is quilt #91 I've made!

(You can see most of the other 90 on a separate page of this blog)

...not sure how many more I have in me?

Do you ever think about not making quilts anymore?

I guess I can't imagine life without quilting!

Happy sewing!



  1. I think your hand is making up for lost time, I can't believe how much you have done since your recovery. And yes, sometimes I think about not making large quilts and maybe downsizing to wall and mini quilts. We're almost home from vacation and back to having Wifi; it was tough being without for over a week.

  2. It looks incredible, Suz. I love the layout you chose for it and the quilting is beautiful.

  3. I hope you have lots more quilts in you! This one is so playful & fun. Love it!

  4. What an absolutely stunning quilt Susan! I love your hand quilting and that layout is ingenious!!

  5. This is fabulous, love all the different fabrics, and especially the little bears in the points!

  6. Helo SAuz,
    yes, this layout is much batter than the black stripes before. It just looks great!.
    Thanks for showing.
    Happy stitching xxx Doris

  7. I love your quilt! I would never stop quilting. It has given me so much joy in retirement. Keep up the beautiful work!!

  8. This is fabulous, Susan! I mean the design... and that hand quilting! You are one skilled quilter. I hope you find a good place to use and/or display this one. It's great! Yes, I do think about not making quilts anymore. After 40-plus years of quiltmaking, how many more do I want/need? How many techniques are different enough to challenge me? I truly do think I will stop quilting one day, but I have a few more years left in me... and much more fabric than a few years worth! Ha, ha.

  9. Wow--this looks so great! I love this quilt, and you've inspired me to get over my fear of NYBeauties and put it on the list. I think Linda's comments echo what I've been thinking about, but given that our joints and hands and minds and eyes won't last forever...yes, I guess there is an end. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying your beautiful quilt. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

  10. I love this quilt, such a great colour palette you picked for this block. Definitely prefer the layout you went with. I can imagine not quilting, but I could never stop creating, so that leaves me with lots of options one day.

  11. I think you have definitely nailed it with the layout. When you compare the first against the final decision there is no contest.
    Luna Park is a stunning quilt. How special that it has blocks from your bee and then lots from you as well. This has given you a huge variety of colours and fabrics.
    Love the binding and the hand stitching.
    You have created a treasure!

  12. This is an amazing layout! I love the tilt-o-whirl feeling of the blocks. Are they on partial point? Are they the background of the four pointed stars? So much movement and zest :)

  13. Well THIS is fun! Love the color and wonderful design. And yes I think about not quilting, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.... I hope it doesn't for you either...

  14. Oh, what a fun setting that is! So much life and bounce - I love it!

  15. Gorgeous! I love it without the sashing. It's got so much movement and color.
    I can't imagine not making quilts. I've always got new ideas and new colors call to me. I might slow down a bit or make bigger quilts or smaller quilts, but I haven't ever thought of stopping. I enjoy it too much.

  16. You are definitely making up for lost time after injuring your hand :) I love striped bindings and your binding looks super, the perfect finishing touch for your quilt.
    I have been making some smaller quilts lately because they are easier to handle, but I can't imagine life without quilting.

  17. I really can't imagine you quitting. You are one of the most productive quilters I know. What would you do with your time??? xoxo

  18. Love the friendship star sashing. Very appropriate. Great quilt!

  19. What great quilt! Love it ! Don't stop your great work, you are an inspiration!

  20. This quilt is SO FABULOUS! I love your setting and the fabrics you chose.

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The movement is fantastic with this layout.

  22. I'm quite taken with this finished piece. Interesting and colourful and what lovely quilting. You have quite the talent!

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