Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Sewing has taken a back seat since I went back to work three weeks ago!

Delilah has stalled because we are still waiting for month 12 templates to arrive!

I don't think I showed you all of month 11.

My sister has been collecting fabric for a quilt....

and we settled on a Dresden plate block.

So, to ensure we had the right size, I practised with 

this first...

I've made three of these into a table runner...

which is waiting patiently to be quilted!

In the meantime, I cut most of the blues and 


into 5.5" blades, with a speciality ruler...

and made the first of 36 Dresdens!

Of course, it still needs a centre...

Have you ever made a Dresden plate quilt?

Happy sewing!



  1. Love the blue and green Dresden! I’ve made some Dresden blocks, but never a whole quilt! Your Delilah will be so beautiful, I’m still in love with your colours!

  2. Your Dresden is so pretty. Love the fabrics/colors you have pulled. Takes me back to making Dresdens for the Mid Century Modern Bee. Ever since then I have considered making a Dresden quilt but it never rises to the top of my to do list. The Delilah blocks are looking really good too.

  3. I love the color palette you have chosen for your Delilah blocks. I need to start mine soon. The dresden quilt will be beautiful in those blues and greens. Lucky sister!

  4. love the quilt.........OMG blue and green.......LOVE it

  5. Look at you go! I think it's impressive what you manage to do while working full time! Love what these green Dresdens will look like. Well, I've made one Dresden in my whole life. It was for René of RenéCreates for a Mid-Century Modern group block she requested. Since then I even bought a Dresden ruler and have never used it! Do you cut yours with a special ruler? I think my wedge quilt, using the 9-degree ruler will count as Dresden-ish. :-)

  6. I haven't made a dresden plate yet, but it is the next block in my BOM (from 2016 which I am still working on!!). I'm looking forward to choosing the fabrics for it especially. Love all those blues and greens - it reminds me of your blue and green quilt which has always been one of my favourites! Your Delilah blocks look so perfect - one month to go with that! You have done so well keeping up.

  7. Such lovely fabrics! No, I've never made a Dresden. Maybe someday!

  8. Work really does interfere with sewing, a necessary evil unfortunately. My Liberty Bloomsbury was the first time I had ever made dresdens, that weren't paper pieced. Your Delilah quilt is going to be lovely - would you do a BOM again?

  9. Beautiful colours in your 'Delilah' blocks! You must be almost near finish line with this BOM? And I actually love both your trial blocks & the green version of the 'dresden plate'!

  10. Those plates are gorgeous together. It will make a fabulous quilt.

  11. Lovely work on the month 11 blocks. Each one is stunning. The dresdens are great. love the ones you made for testing and I adore the blues and greens for the big one. I have only made one dresden quilt but I like the idea of making smaller blades. They look really great.

  12. I haven’t made a whole quilt of Dresden plates, but I have made plenty of blocks. They are fun to do, and I love the colours and patterns your sister chose.
    Don’t you hate how work messes with sewing time?

  13. I'm so glad I saw this post! I've wanted to make Dresdens for so long...it's always on my list, but I never get to it!


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