Saturday, September 30, 2017

Presenting "Luna Park"

Here is my latest quilt top finish!

I had been collecting ideas on Pinterest,

and this one, with angled blocks, seemed doable. 

More pictures of this beauty can be found here.

So while I was convalescing I drew up a basic 


 using freezer paper to make a template.

It did take me some time to work out where all the 

bits needed to go,

working from my design floor,

but I got there in the end!

I'm thinking I will add a thin blue border to contain 

all those points and to frame it further...

And why did I call it Luna Park?

An IG commenter said this top reminded her of Luna 

Park here in Melbourne...

and guess what?

 It does!

Now to decide on how to quilt it?

Happy sewing!



  1. Beautiful. I can see the connection to the park because of the colors and spikes so it's a perfect name.

  2. You did it! You found the perfect setting for your wonderful blocks, it is stunning. And the name is so right.

  3. Oh Susan! You made this quite spectacular! Your idea of tilting the blocks is genius! That adds so much more interest to the quilt, and probably made it larger too. Quilting it should fun! I'd go with something relatively simple. You have so much going on with the color and pattern. I'd quilt straight lines to follow the main shapes of each block. Then, in the "blank" space between blocks, where there's a pinwheel effect, I'd quilt something with movement. I'd love to see curves in those areas, like wind blowing through the fan. Might be a little tedious to quilt though as each curve would need to travel along a seam to get to the next curve. But curves would look especially good in those solids along the edges. Well, I think it would look good...that's me talking. The name certainly suits the quilt! I hope you have fun finishing it.

  4. I love what you have done here, you don't lose any of the individual blocks as you sometimes do when they are turned into a circle. Colourful, original - can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Wonderful way to set your blocks! It's very striking, I could look at it for ages!

  6. You and your quilt are quite fabulous. Wow!

  7. I had thought you must have set out with Luna Park as your inspiration! It certainly is an apt name.

  8. So terrific! I'm so glad you unpicked (liberated?) all those blocks from the black sashing you originally had, as this quilt just sings with energy and good vibrations! So beautiful, and yes--Luna Park is a perfect name! (I also thought of "lunar" with all that planetary reference in your points.)

  9. Gorgeous quilt. It did reminded me of the Luna Park entrance in St. Kilda and also the one in Sydney. I am feeling homesick for Australia. Cheers.

  10. You have really outdone yourself with this layout. What a wonderful way to display those blocks. And of course the stars they create add an extra visual element. I think having the blocks tilted as they are has made them stand out even more. This is a wonderful creation!

  11. HI Susan, your quilt is so colorful,original,and creative! We love the way you set the blocks, and the cheerful colors. What a show-stopper ! You are very innovative and talented ! Warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  12. What a perfect name for this quilt. I think the pieces that you added really helped make this quilt special. Lovely!

  13. This is fantastic!And I love your choice of name :)

  14. Such an amazing quilt with a perfect name! Love the pin wheel effect!

  15. This quilt is so much fun Susan... I can see how putting the tilted blocks together would do your head in. A design floor is vital!

  16. Tilting the blocks just adds so much interest to this quilt top... love the secondary designs too!

  17. All your blocks are lovely and tilting them gives the quilt a playful tone! You're a creative genius Susan!!


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