Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This little piggy...

went to market...

Well, these two are going to California, 


They are my latest bee blocks for the

Gridster Bee.

Elizabeth did such a great job writing 

her own tutorial based on some ideas 

here and here!

And of course, I had to have one of my 


to add to the pineapple I made for 

February's round.

My little piggy needs his curly tail yet...

but that will have to wait awhile...

it's time for school camp again!


Happy days!



  1. That little pig is too cute for words. I think your sampler quilt is going to be very eclectic. Pigs... pineapples... can't wait to see what shows up next!

  2. oh aren't these the cutest?!

  3. Very cute - ham and pineapple -perfect combination.

  4. Just love those pigs - I wonder what will be next month's sampler block?! Thanks fot the link for the pigs :-)

  5. I love these piggies, and can't wait until they cross the ocean and come to Calfornia! Those tails are so perfect, and I love all the prints you used -- so excited to get them!!! Thank you so much!!

  6. They are all delightful. Your piecing is lovely.
    I can imagine what fun a quilt full of piglets would be!
    Love Julie's comment!

  7. These look like fun to make!

  8. Hi Susan! I'm glad to see you're managing some sewing time though you're back to work. Little pigs and a pineapple made are better than no pigs or pineapple! Hope school camp isn't as awful as you expected!

  9. Those piglets are too cute! I think I have to make one of them :-)


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