Friday, October 7, 2016

A Follow-up...

As a thank you to Rose for all the Cotton and Steele 

fabric and blocks she sent me,

 I decided the Lola pouch 

would make a nice gift...

Some Jane Sassaman for the outer and Lighthearted 

for the binding?

The Lola is my 'go to' pouch pattern!

It goes together so easily,

with everything well explained!

I was glad I remembered I had these leather 


they do add a certain 'finish' to the whole thing!

 I have also wanted to make one of these....

for ages!

It is from "Patchwork Please" a very popular book 

from a few years ago!

And then I remembered I had a half-finished 

mug rug 

that was a perfect match!

I hope Rose drinks tea!

They are now living in the US, so I can share them 

with you !

I hope you love them Rose.

Happy sewing!


11 comments: said...

I do love all of my wonderful gifts and hope they love living with me in the U.S. I do drink tea and plan on putting the tea pouch in my purse to carry my tea bags. A tea cup will never touch your beautiful trivet because I plan on hanging it up; it's just too sweet. And the pouch with the wonderful tassel, I can't wait for an occasion when I can show it off, I have several outfits that it will go nicely with it. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations with me and your thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

lovely finishes Suz,well done.

OPQuilt said...

These are terrific. I love reading your posts with these small things, as it reminds me that the tiny is worth celebrating! Your little gifts are lovely.

Betty said...

You introduced me to this pouch a few years back and it has become my go-to as well! This was a lovely little exchange!

Karen S said...

Your pouch is a lovely gift. Hope you have made the most of this lovely sunshine!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I have to make a Lola pouch. I like the way they are finished at the top, around the zipper.
I am intrigued by teabag pouches. I think they might be handy in North America, where a proper cup of tea can be hard to come by. Many of my Canadian relatives and friends do not keep tea in the house (they occasionally find strange Earl Grey green tea scented things that have been in the cupboard for decades), and I have learned to take my own.

Julie Fukuda said...

What a perfect little gift you have made. I'm sure it loves its new home.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A very thoughtful and useful thank you gift Susan.

Barbara said...

The pouch is really nice! I see you're left-handed too. Do you have any particular challenges as a left-handed person?

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm sure these gorgeous gifts will have made Rose's day! Each one is so special with cute fabrics, and handy uses. said...

This is a very sweet gift.

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