Monday, August 17, 2015


I had such a wonderful weekend 

I wanted to share some of it with you!

Firstly a visit to a market where these carrots,

and beets caught my eye!

Thanks Julie for the recipe...

My husband is going to make a roast vegetable cous cous from them!

We visited an Australian plant nursery....

and stopped to admire the view at Arthur's Seat!

finally ending at Heronswood for a wander around 

the heirloom gardens...

and some light refreshments!

I did get a little sewing time,

adding to Leanne's blue striped block.

It's for a round robin I am participating in!

Did you enjoy some sunshine this weekend?

Happy days!



  1. Those carrots are rather gorgeous. What a magnificent view from Arthur's Seat. My agaves look a lot worse for wear than those in the photo - frosts have hit mine very hard this winter, some serious pruning back required. Nice you found time for some sewing too - this all looks rather intriguing.

  2. those pictures are just amazing. We had sun here too but people are dropping like flies from the heat. Finally today a bit of rain. My garden is hppy but the heat is expected to be bad agin tomorrow.

  3. What amazing views!!
    I love the carrots - I tried growing purple ones this year but most of them are forked!

  4. I love that block you made for me and the pictures of the gardens and the vegetables are also beautiful.

  5. Those carrots and beets look rather lovely, I haven't seen them en masse like that, usually just see two or three bunches which don't look quite as enticing. Gorgeous picture of the gum blossoms.

  6. It looks as though you had a perfectly wonderful weekend!! Lots of beautiful gardens and tasty things to eat. I always look out for heirloom carrots and beetroots at farmers markets too, they have so much flavour.

  7. Looks like a fun round robin. Love those vegies you bought and the couscous sounds delicious.

  8. The carrots and beets are beautiful! When I saw them, my first thought was what a great color palette for a quilt! I love that diamond. It reminds me of a folded log cabin....great little crisp strips!

  9. I love these photos! Makes me want to come for a visit!!

  10. I wanted to lick the screen those carrots looked so good : ) I'm hungry.......
    I just looked through your 'quilts I've made' page. Holy smokes. Beautiful work

  11. Those scenic views are beautiful, as are the gardens. Love the pictures!
    And that quilt block is so very precise...well done!

  12. Looks like you had a lovely day. Love the photos.

  13. Beautiful photos, looks like your had a great day.

  14. those gardens look lovely and the farmers market is always a photographer's paradise

  15. So many beautiful scenes from your lovely day around your town--I love the views and the idea of lemonade and a treat! And that final block is gorgeous!


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