Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My Small World quilt is progressing…..

Panel Two

I love using my little design board….

It makes it easier to move pieces from machine to 

iron and back again

Appliquing using freezer paper is a well known 


But I read somewhere that if you build up two or 

three layers of paper, 

it makes the job easier.

Trace to freezer paper

Cut out

Iron to the back of the fabric

Press edges in

Of course, the freezer paper is removed before


The Churn dash block is easier to make if you 

cut out pieces like this….

Two 2” squares of each colour,  

one  1” x 6” strips of 

each colour, 

one 1.5” centre square

 (I think the instructions say 2.5" for this one, 

but I maybe wrong...)

Make HST the quick way (see previous post)

Strip piece the 6” strips together before cutting into 

the 1.5” pieces required.

Construct in the regular manner.

I made mine with Liberty Tana Lawn.

This fine fabric makes for flat little blocks.

I will leave you contemplating these pieces….

I had some trouble constructing these so I’ll be

back with the maths soon….

I am now onto panel three!

Happy sewing!



  1. You're making fantastic progress with this. Thanks again for the tips.

  2. Really loving this one Suz. I spy Mary Ellen's Best Press!! love that stuff!

  3. Looking awesome Susan, and really appreciating your tips.

  4. As always, I love how you can say so much in just a few words and wish that I was more like that! This is so darling....how large is the finished project?

  5. Another great panel. Those bits are looking very tiny in parts!! I like the portability of the small design boards and see how useful they are in what you are doing.

  6. You are really making progress! Thanks so much for sharing your tips! I spied a person in the window and some Ruby yellow polka dots.

  7. Great inspirational project!

  8. Thanks for that tip on making the churn dash. Definitely easier than how I did it the other day. This looks like a fun QAL to do.

  9. You're flying with colours through this fabulous quilt!! It looks great!! Thanks for sharing your handy hints.

  10. You are moving quickly and your progress looks great.

  11. It's coming along nicely Suz. I hadn't heard of extra layers of freezer paper but then I rarely do that type of sewing. Nice to learn something new.

  12. Yours is looking lovely. I intend to do this too, but I'm still sorting out my fabrics. I love how you've used bright fabrics in yours.

  13. You really are flying! And it looks amazing. What a fun quilt to make! I used freezer paper for applique once before - but I left it in and then cut it out at the end (from the back). I guess with such small pieces like you're doing that wouldn't work though. I found using the freezer paper so so much easier and quicker than needle-turn applique which drove me crazy!

  14. You are going to be quilting this before you know it Suz :) it is looking absolutely beautiful. I've used 3 layers of freezer paper for turned edge applique, it gives a much stronger template and they can be used several times.

  15. The rate of progress on this one is amazing! You must really be enjoying it. I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together and quilted up.

  16. I just love it! You sure are zooming along on this

  17. I have seen the multiple pieces of freezer paper as well! I haven't tried it yet but it does make sense! This is looking so good!

  18. You are so ahead of the crowd with the progress you've made on this one. It's just great! Good idea to use multiple layers of freezer paper. But, when I've done freezer paper appliqué, I always iron the paper to the front of the fabric. Then, I don't have to pick out anything from beneath the appliqué piece. Keep up your great work. This is going to be a stunner!

  19. I only saw this in an issue of Quiltmania yesterday, when I realised that it was what you were making. How cute!

  20. I'm so glad you are going ahead of me. I will refer back here often.

  21. I am so ready for this jury panel to be over with so I can start on my small world. I love all your little hints so will be referring back to them when I do start my project


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