Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sew slow.....

This is the way my sewing has been going recently...

Echidnas don't move too fast!

I made a triangle pouch from a tutorial found at

"A Spoonful of Sugar" blog

I need to tidy up my zipper ends 

for the next one!

I also made a couple of 'gender neutral' bibs,

for my sister to gift.

And finally I am making some pretty yo-yos ...

for my next Four-In-Art mini!

There is still time to enter the giveaway for a copy of 

Jess' Star Jump pattern, over here.

Like that echidna, I'll have my head down this week, 

getting my school work finished before our next 

term break!

Then maybe I will "sew fast!"

Happy days!



  1. You might be slow now but just think of those two weeks off - hopefully you'll get heaps done! It's the other way round for me - I'll have them all at home and won't get anything finished!

  2. I love that little triangle pouch and I have a soft spot for yo yos. Slow is just fine, you are making beautiful things.

  3. Your pretty yo yos have me thinking about digging out a little pile of them I made many years ago. They are good for a slow paced project.

  4. Slow is good!! Your triangle pouch is really fun, the zippers don't look messy to me, though I think making a second one is more enjoyable so you know what to look out for.That's such cute bib fabric. Is there a baby on the way? You know I love yoyos!!

  5. What a cute collection of projects! Of course, like Rachael, I love those yo yos. I'm anxious to see how you use them.

    Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. Don't worry too much about speed. Just enjoy the process.

  6. It might be slow, but it all looks fabulous! That triangle pouch is very cute! I was hoping the bibs would come with a fun announcement! Hehe! And you make the most tidy yo-yo's. I have such a difficult time knowing exactly how to tie them off! We have been trying to avoid the flu here. Some family members have been very ill with it. Yikes! I guess summer can't come soon enough to rid us of these terrible bugs!

  7. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend!! Your projects are so, Mary, I sucked in my breath when I saw those bibs!!

  8. So they are not like hedgehogs that can put on quite a burst of speed? Very cute anyway, and it does seem like you are getting a bit of all sorts done.

  9. Oh, those yo-yos are pretty!
    I thought about making small triangular or similar pouches for my dog-park buddies for poo bags. :) Bit fancy for poo bags, maybe?

  10. Sometimes things just have to go slowly, especially when work gets in the way.
    Enjoy a wonderful break!

  11. Looks like you're making steady progress, in small ways. That's good too! Cute bibs (you're such a nice sister to do that) and yo-yos. Ya know, I never had heard of an echidna until I was in Aus, and had the treat of seeing one in the wild, along the south coast. They're actually pretty cute!


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