Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wandering Free!

Perhaps it was the arrival of the school holidays,

The pattern is from "Beyond Neutral"

Or the beautiful Autumn weather,

but a burst of energy has seen me achieve 

Preparing for basting

a quilt finish!

And today was the perfect day for a photo shoot!

I have called this "Wandering Free" 

for a couple of reasons....

The recipients have lived and travelled in many parts 

of Australia...

and the fabric was called "Nomad", which I received 

for 'free' from P & B Textiles last year.

This quilt was made almost entirely for free, 

as I was able to use a vintage sheet for the backing!

Even the binding seems to 'wander' all about the 

edge, front to back!

I quilted it in a simple and subtle grid pattern,

using cotton batting.

The 17th green at Ballan Golf Club!

Happy sewing!



  1. Those lovely earthy colours look fantastically Australian! What a great quilt.

  2. Great quilt Suz! Perfectly autumn-ish. Can you please send one of your bursts of energy my way?

  3. Great job, Suz, you tore through this one. It looks even better up close (sometimes instagram is frustrating cos the photo is so small). I'm sure your nomad friends will love it!

  4. A great Autumn quilt! Lot's of interest without a lot of piecing. That's a win/win situation!

  5. Congratulations on finishing such a great quilt. The fabrics work well because they don't show the piecing in the middle and your choice of the grey solid is a perfect balance. Wonderful photos too!

  6. Very nice - and I love the photos taken on location! It's nice to see something quite different, and you've achieved it with this quilt.

  7. It's wonderful! Love that book, so many great quilts

  8. What a lovely quilt and beautiful photos, autumn sun is my favourite!

  9. It's so lovely, and what a great pattern! And free?! Can't beat that!

  10. Very nice!! I love the backing too. Suits it perfectly! Are you on a golf course?

  11. Wow! This quilt is gorgeous and the vintage sheet makes for a perfect backing.

  12. Lovely! And what an interesting pattern!

  13. Such a lovely quilt - I like how you are able to feature larger prints in this pattern!

  14. Awesome quilt!!
    I love the mix of prints. Looks great in the sun -
    great backing fabric too!

  15. It is wonderful to see your enthusiasm returning. Amazing what a break from work will do.
    Lovely end result with your quilt.

  16. The fabric is so perfect for wanderers. I like the name, Nomad. It is a gorgeous finish and your photos turned out so great!

  17. The name, the fabric, everything is just right. Nicely done and such nice photos too.

  18. Perfect and a wonderful photo shoot too.

  19. Everything just came together perfectly for your aptly named Wandering Free quilt! It's gorgeous, and I love the setting for your photo shoot. Yay for a finish!

  20. Such a perfect Nomadic quilt! That sheet!! Did you find it at a Thrift Shop?


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