Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busy bee-ing!

I have entered my third year in the 

Mid-Century Modern Bee, 

and boy, do I love this Bee!

I have made such a variety of blocks and made such 

wonderful friends!

Elizabeth was Queen for January,

and this is what I made!

I loved cutting into my Echinacea fabric for this...

"Memory" star.

And for February I baked Carla a cake,

following a tutorial found at Ellison Lane!

After recent events I was sorely tempted to pop a 

candle on the top!

Why "Mid-Century" I hear some of you ask?

It is because all the members are of a certain, um....


If you'd like to read more about the blocks and quilts,

we have a blog here!

Happy sewing!



  1. Great blocks! I love the Echinacea in the centre!

  2. Great fabric choices for your fun blocks Suz. I've got a bottle of that wine in my cellar, I've been waiting to drink it with quilting friends.

  3. Love that fussy cut Echinacea! Great use of Anna Maria's print.

  4. Your blocks are wonderful as is being in the bee. Love the vintage reference. Haven't thought of myself as vintage so it made me laugh.

  5. Gorgeous blocks, Susan! I have two bees to thank for making quilting friends. And piecing ability!

  6. Maybe I'll get to see your block in person. Did you know I know Elizabeth?

  7. It sounds absolutely wonderful. It must feel so good to be in a bee full of such talented and nice people.

  8. I love the blocks you've made especially the Memory Star. It was a block included in my first ever sampler.

  9. Fabulous! It's a great group! I need to bake a cake this weekend! In fact, maybe two...we have a birthday here too :)

  10. I always love reading your blog as you present the block information with a greater flourish than I can ever muster! And great way to think about ourselves--vintage quilters!!

    I love my blocks. Thanks for sharing that precious fabric with me.


  11. such beautiful blocks, and glad you had such a happy birthday celebration :-)

  12. I have long wondered about your bee group's name! Aha!
    I love the echinacea block, but, boy, it is BIG!

  13. I love our bee!!! Your blocks are great. Love your pretty birthday cake. I finally finished my cake for Carla and popped that in the mail. Will work on Cindy's dresden next week.


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