Saturday, February 7, 2015

Somethings gotta give!

With both Tennis and work commitments, 

sewing has taken a back seat these last three weeks.

I'd really like to get this quilt quilted...

Slightly disguised as I'm pattern testing this one....

At least I have batting and backing sorted!

I did start this....

But have progressed no further than some stitching, 

cutting and playing!

Small windows of sewing opportunity were 

spent creating Olive.

A RicRac design!

I'm having another weekend off, 

this time to spend it in the city with Mr PnP....

There may be a birthday to celebrate?

Happy days!



  1. Olive is so cute!!! And I like your DS triangle quilt! It's a great color combination!

  2. It's amazing how much you can get done in moments here and there. I love the green solid you've used in your triangle quilt, so fresh and fun. Happy Birthday to the birthday person, enjoy your time in the city.

  3. We all have days when life gets in the way of sewing and blogging. It's good to know you're human, like the rest of us! That pretty triangle quilt will be there when you get back to it. Neat for you to get to do the tennis thing each year. Have a great get-away and happy birthday. I presume it's yours.

  4. Your sewing progress is looking good - but more importantly, celebrate that birthday in a special way!

  5. I get you on the 'somethings gotta give', when did life get so busy!!??
    Lovely makes and prep though. Have a fun weekend.

    (PS HATE the new I am not a Robot comment mularky!)

  6. Life gets in the way sometimes but it's ok! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I love what you're doing with the blue and green. It's going to be lovely whatever it turns into.

  8. That triangle quilt is looking amazing!

  9. Loving your triangle quilt. It's looking amazing! Happy birthday and enjoy your weekend in the city x

  10. Your work is beautiful. The owl is so cute! Have a good time in the city with Mr PnP.

  11. I have the little owl as a kit. I really must make it! I love Jodie's patterns, and her blog has me in stitches every time.
    The lime green really pops.

  12. Olive is adorable! I hope the time in the city is everything you need. Enjoy it!

  13. Lots of fun things happening for you. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of the green triangle quilt. Olive is very sweet.

  14. Happy Post Birthday! Whew! I know you must have had a wonderful birthday weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it. Sorry I didn't see this post before you were off celebrating. I am almost afraid to ask if you have had any packages arrive!

  15. Oh, I love that triangle quilt...such great colors. What size are the triangles? Hope you had a fun birthday celebration in the city!

  16. Really enjoy your secret quilting project - although I am loving the muted, complimentary colour scheme - so I'm imagining that once it has been revealed in full, it will look quite different.

  17. Sweet little owl. That reminds me that I have a couple of handwork pieces to sew yet, tucked away in a drawer. I'm always impressed that you seem to get to yours much faster than I do to mine!

    Happy Birthday, once again! I look forward to seeing your secret project, as well as your triangles come together. I imagine you are really enjoying your new sewing space!



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