Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friendship Swap

Carla, a dear 'virtual' friend and I are having a block swap!

We're calling it the

"Friendship + and x Swap"!

I am sorry, I cannot remember whose quilt this is-
But it sure is beautiful!

And we thought you might like to join in......

Here's how it might work:

1. Pick a friend to swap with: An invisible one (a blogging friend that you have never met in real life) even!

2. Pick a palette for your blocks,

(We used Design Seed to find ours,
Isn't this pretty?)

Or decide to just go scrappy.

3. Check out Amy Badskirt's tutorial on how to make the block.

4. Add the Friendship x and + button to your blog sidebar
(see that pretty new button on the right there?)

5. Decide how many total blocks you want for your quilts. Carla and I are going with 64 blocks and will be divide them out for 8 months, making 8 each month.

6. Every month you will make a set of blocks for yourself and an identical set for your swap partner. She will do the same for you. In our case, I will make 4 different  x and + blocks and an identical set of 4 to mail to Carla. With the 4 she sends me that month, I will have 8 blocks for that month.

7. Blog about your blocks on the last Friday of each month, as Carla and I will be doing. Also, feel free to use Instagram with the hashtag #friendshipxplusswap to show off your blocks and colour palette.

Here are some fabrics I've come up with that might

 "make the cut" for Month 1:

We hope you decide to join us on our

 Friendship Swap!

In the meantime, go over and say hello 

to Carla for me!

Happy days!



  1. Great post, Suz. I always love that you can so so much with few words! How do you do that?! Your fabrics look great and I'm looking forward to a fun swap with you!!

  2. That sounds like fun and how wonderful to end up with a friendship quilt. I love the fabrics you've chosen!

  3. This sounds great. Just need to find a friend!

  4. oh where were you when I needed more blocks for my x and + quilt?! This will be great fun for you and I'll be watching!

  5. I'll be watching too. I think that you will have a lot of fun with this one.

  6. Oh I would LOVE to join this. I just need to find a partner.

  7. What a great idea! Love your colour palette.

  8. Beautiful colour inspiration! I have been asked to partner up. Now to work out the details : )

  9. I finished my + and x quilt earlier in the year. My blocks were five inches square and I could have used some help. Too late and once is enough.

  10. You two have cooked up something that looks really fun! I know you'll have a blast with it. Enjoy!

  11. Great idea, and lovely selection of fabric for this month.

  12. Great idea, I just need to swap some work or sleep time for more sewing time!

  13. I love the color palette you have chosen.

  14. Very fun. Almost thou dost persuade me. . . but I'll have fun watching yours!


  15. That sounds like fun, but making 8 blocks in a month is way too many for me! Will be following your progress though!

  16. This is such a fun idea! I think I've got Elizabeth talked into it :P

  17. My best "invisible friend" and I are making plans to join in the fun. Thanks for this wonderful idea. We are really looking forward to making quilts together ... :) Pat


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