Monday, October 14, 2013

A Sneak Peek...

of our "+ and x Friendship blocks"!

Carla and I are so excited by these blocks 

that we could not wait until the end of the month 

to share what we have made.....

And here are the first set of 'twins'!

Ain't they pretty?

My set of four are winging their way to Carla 

as we speak...

And here are my four,

waiting patiently to be joined by Carla's!

It's not too late to join in the fun!

Do you have a friend who you would like 

to swap blocks with?

(or maybe we can do some 'match making' here?)

Lolly Quiltz

You probably don't need to make eight a month...

Maybe six blocks over ten months?

We have set up a Flickr group here 

if you want to share your 'twins' with us....

Or on Instagram with the tag #friendship+andxswap

We will also share our October twins together

again at the end of the month!

Happy sewing!



  1. I just had to catch a glimpse of your friendship blocks for me before I went to sleep and am not disappointed. How fun is this! The "twins" will fit right into the family!! Thank you, friend, your fabrics are so pretty!

  2. You've used such gorgeous fabrics in your blocks!

  3. So pretty Suz. Love those colours.

  4. Those are adorable blocks! I tried putting that hashtag into instagram but I couldn't get the "+" to take -- are those characters allowed in hashtags?

  5. I am so in love with your color choices!!

  6. The blocks look wonderful! You're off to a great start.

  7. What a great start. Fantastic colors. If you ever get tired of the blocks let me know ;)

  8. Great blocks Suz - love the colours!

  9. Beautiful blocks!!

  10. Great idea Suz - the combined blocks will look amazing.

  11. Very cute--I'd be anxious, too, to send them off!

    I was just invited to be a friendship swapper with a friend of mine, so I guess I'll be joining you after all!


  12. These are beautiful! I made some of these blocks for the first time this year as part of a quilting bee. I LOVED making them and dearly want to make a quilt from them for myself!

  13. Saw these on Instagram, they are awesome!!

  14. I can see why you're excited about these blocks, they're wonderful! And you get to share them with a friend!

  15. THese are great blocks! Love the colors! You two will have one fantastic quilt...or two fantastic quilts!

  16. Love these! Still one of my favorite blocks!

  17. You will have a beautiful quilt when this swap is finished

  18. The blocks are great, I have seen Carla's too and they are amazing too! it is going to be an amazing quilt!

  19. Your Quilt blocks are beautiful!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  20. The blocks are gorgeous, such beautiful colour combinations!
    Helen x

  21. Love these blocks! I had fun making them for our bee. Great idea to do a friendship block swap.


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