Thursday, April 26, 2012

A snapshot....

of some works in progress....

More foundation pieced pickle dish arcs for my "Ginger Kisses" quilt.

(I think the official name is "Gypsy Kisses" but

 I don't know any gypsies but I do know Ginger Kisses-

yummy little ginger cakes.)

I have also added two borders to my "Summer Stars" quilt top....

I am not sure I like it?

I found it very difficult finding a suitable fabric, some were too strong and 

over-powering, others too subtle and timid!

I'm letting it 'develop', like a good wine, before I start quilting it!

(Do you do that...confine a quilt top to the back of the cupboard, hoping it will 

improve with age?)

And I've purchased a new stack of fabric (from GJ Fabrics) for a secret 


which I hope to start cutting on the weekend.....

but I have another baby quilt to finish before then!

Happy sewing!



  1. I'm loving how your ginger kisses are looking. That's a quilt that I really want to make someday. I really like the fabric you've chosen for the border on the summer stars. I put things away for a while too, but I rarely like them any more until after they are quilted. Then I love the finished quilt

  2. I think that little glimpse of borders looks really good. The bright pop of the pink but being really narrow it doesn't overpower. Good choices.

  3. I love your stars border, too. The pale background on it stops it being too overpowering. I do find sometimes that I am sick of the sight of a top when it's finished and having a break from it is helpful. But also, like Fi, it tends to be during quilting that I really fall in love!

  4. Love the look of the ginger kisses! Hmm secret project, ingriguing!

  5. You're having fun over there!! I bet your husband is happy you dont know about Gypsy kisses, hee hee. I like the border fabric, it's a good balance between bright but not too bright. I wonder what your secret project is... That car fabric in the last photo is very cute, perfect stack for a little boy!!

  6. Love those arcs! Gypsy Kisses is one of my very favorite quilts - my mom said it was the most beautiful of all my quilts :) You will be so happy you have this one to add to your quilt pile.

    I usually let unfinished quilts hang on the back of my sofa. I can see it as a move about the house. I like the border gives it a vintage feel. It reminds me of fabric my grandma would have loved. I really like it!

  7. Love those kiss blocks, whatever you call them...really nice!

  8. I think everything looks great - is that a boy project then?

  9. I think you picked a fine border for your summer stars! Just go to it!

  10. Oh how I love your ginger kisses. They look so difficult to me! And I do put things on the back burner and let them simmer!

  11. Your Ginger Kisses is going to be awesome. Really like the polka dot background with the stars, along with the borders. Beautiful.

  12. I think sometimes when a project is still new, and our original idea is fresh in our heads, it can be difficult to accept that the finish is not quite the same as the ideal image we started with. That's where the time factor comes in... and we realise that actually, we've created a pretty unique, beautiful quilt!

  13. Love the starts on the project.
    Yes sometimes I don't love something and leave it for a while thinking.....hmmm how can I improve that. =D

  14. I love the ginger kisses quilt and the stars look just as fabulous. Sometimes the right border is tricky.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Love your ginger kisses arcs and Ginger kisses are very yummy too!
    From the tiny bit you've shown the borders look lovely on the Summer Stars top.
    I just resurrected a quilt top that was almost two yrs old, so yes mine do sometimes improve with age.

  17. LOVE the arcs!! So pretty! The border looks great to me, just the right amount of pop!
    The new fabrics look lovely too - you have such gorgeous projects on the go :)

  18. I love your PP project. Those pickle, I mean ginger kisses, blocks look great. I see a little boy project in the works, there!

  19. I absolutely love that ginger kisses quilt. Where did you get the pattern from?

  20. I've been staring at the gypsy kisses yours. I also like your border for the star quilt....well, I guess you could say I love everything you make!!

  21. I hear you on the borders thing for the star quilt. I about lost my marbles trying a billion different borders and centers. I like your mini-dots for the diamonds--it really lets the stars shine.

    I'll keep watching for the quilting part--mine's "at rest" too!



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