Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three in, One Out!

I have been participating in a number of swaps.

This is the embroidered block I received from Kate in Edinburgh.

It is really more hot pink than red.

The embroidery is of the 'arrondissesments" of Paris.

When I look at it I am reminded of where I stayed recently.

See the little Eiffel Tower in pale blue!

Kate's stitching is very fine!

The numbers looked like they were drawn in!

And this is an embroidered piece I have made for Colette in the US.

If it seems familiar, it's because I made the same pattern for another girl.

Colette loved this one so much that we decided to have a private swap.

It's not quite finished - some 50 or so French knots to add!

But then it will be on it's way!

This is what arrived in the mail yesterday from Colette!

This cute little dress - I have called it "Chemise de Paris"!

That is probably terrible French grammar!

Look at those cute little deer!

And the sweet birdie!

I LOVE this gnome fabric- don't you?

Swaps are fun!

Are you participating in a swap?

I'd love to hear about it!

Have a happy day!


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