Quilts I have made!

This photo, on IG in 2012, initiated a question from a friend-

"How many quilts have you made?"

This is my attempt to remember them from the most recent...

(This doesn't include mini quilts.  I have a separate page for them)

In The Sticks

Solstice Star

149. Daisy Hill

148. Marking Time 

147. Carisbrook Cabin

146. Starlit Sky

145. New Brighton Gardens

144. Faded Love

143. Go-Es-Car-Go

142. Shuffle Quilt

Given to Leo Slattery

141. Peppermint Parade

A keeper

140. Finnley's Rainforest Friends

Given to Finn

139. Look for the Positive

A keeper

138. Cloverly

Given to Pam's great-grandson

137. Hooley Dooley

A keeper

136. Deco Delta

Given to Pam & Trev

135. Blossoming Buds

A keeper

134. Rainbow Confetti

Given to ?

133. Pastiche

A keeper

132. Worries In My Pocket

Given to Anuj

131. Snowflake Swirl

sold to Jason Slingo

130. Pampered Pooches
Give to Jane Sapporo for her grandchild

129. Wish Upon A Star

Given to Glenn Gallego for his 2nd son

128. Bright

A keeper

127. Double Donuts

A keeper

126. Smorgasbord Quilt

Looking for a home- sold at Harcourt Market 2022

125. Port Fairy Tales

Given to Auriella for her grand child

124. Hindsight 2020

A keeper

123. Dear Deer

122. Sentiero

Sold at Harcourt Market 2022

121. Snuggle Bunny

given away to ??

120. Charcoal Lane

Car blanket

119. Vintage Flower Baskets-
(But made before the year 2000.)

118. Good Victory-
for Eunice

given to Eunice

117. Gertie Marlane

A keeper

116. Hip To Be Square
waiting for a recipient

Waiting for a baby girl...

115. Tilting at Windmills

given to Glenn for his 1st son

114. Prickle

Given to Balsa (Chemist-Kew)

113. Ruby Tuesday

given to Pam Murray

112. Flying North or South

sold to Slivana

111. Lakeside Circuit

sold to Trish

110. Free-Wheelin'

donated to charity

109. Midnight Square Dance

Given to Anne S

108. Elaine's Legacy

Donated to charity

107. Shadows of Love

A keeper

106. Mint Thicket
-donated to a woman's refuge (2020)

105. Clambake 101-

Sold at Harcourt Market

104. B100MS

given to Jill R

103. Foxy Forest
Aston's baby quilt

102. Musicians of Bremen
given to Laura

101. No Grand Illusions
-a keeper

100. Bonkers
given to Vanessa

99. Frieda's Platter
given to Helen

98. If You Go Down to the Woods
given to Peter R

97. Lions and Bears
given to Renato

96. Tiger Tales
donated to woman's refuge

95. Luna Park-
a keeper

94. Hot Fudge- 
a keeper

93. Sanctuary
given to Jo

92. Gelati baby quilt
given to Michal Bourke's grandson

91. Chuckie's in Love
- a keeper

90. Amethyst
given to Stef (hairdresser)

89. Rainbow Stepping Stones
given to Silvana

88. Rollercoaster

a keeper

87. Oh Christmas Tree

A keeper

86. Dream Catcher 

a Keeper

85. Stacks

given to Adam (principal Xavier College)

84. Shelburne Tartan

given to Denise

83. Words with Friends 

82.Bubbles- a whole cloth quilt

81. On a Whim

80. All that Glitters
given to Japanese girlfriend

79. Peach and Pine Baby Quilt
Eli's baby quilt 2016

78. May Belle
A keeper

77. Framed Flowers

76. Christmas Present- 2015

75. Pinks Charming
given to ?

74. Stepping Towards Christmas- a large table runner

73. Kew Gardens Hexagon quilt

72. Melbourne Town

71. Winter Citrus
donated to Maytime Fair

70. Rainbow Connection

-includes the only block I have ever designed!

69. Heart's Content
a keeper

68. Star Bright baby quilt (given to ex-boss of Daniel)

67. Pacific Lime

66. Wandering Free -given to Christian and Keith

65. Star Jump 4 - given to Allyson Rayner

64. Martha's Medallion

63. Under Southern Skies -given to Natasha and Nick Balgue

62. Cottage Garden

61. Fun and Friendship
Given to Ben and Hellen

60. Cobbled -given to Lesley

59. Daffodils in the Deep -given to Edwina Scanlon

58. Scrappy Sandwiches (donated)

57. Posy baby quilt -given to Ebony and Mark

56. Rocky Road bee quilt- 2013

55. City Skyline -given to Ben

54. Cherry Ripe (donated)

53. Birds of a Feather bee quilt

52. Ginger Kisses

51. Almost a Rainbow
Sold to Samantha (Gisborne) at Harcourt Market 2022

50. Trip Trap (donated to Maytime Fair)

49. Pip's Playground-given to Paula

48. Confetti baby quilt (given to M)

47. Dog's Breakfast (donated)

46. Crossroads (given to Ongeera, Grant and boys)

45. Castle Tiles -given to Daniel and Jenny

44. Rainbow Pies

43. Bricolage 

42. Sunnybrook Farm

41. Little Pink baby quilt -given to Brooke Rosewarne

40. Charming baby quilt -given to Byron and Sue

39. Summer Stars

38. Summer Breeze baby quilt (given to Vanessa)

37. Licorice All Sorts- given to Helen

36. Red and Black -given to Helen
2011, and back to me

35. Houses -given to Helen Slattery

34. Twist and Shout baby quilt -given to Byron and Sue

33. My Favourite Things

32. Mullum Mullum Autumn

31.Romantic Rings
A keeper

30. Jenna's quilt

29. Chelsea Garden -given to Pam and Trev

28. Autumn Home
A keeper

27. Mum's Medallion

26. Dan's Scrappy Stars

25. Baby Pinwheels baby quilt - given to Ava

24. Chubby Star
A keeper

23. Hearts and Homes (gifted)

22. Puss in the Corner (gifted to doctor)

21. Fairway to Heaven (given to Jo and Bob)

20. Burgoyne Surrounded given to Jenny

19. Blue and Orange Zigzag (gifted- Byron XC?)

18. Christmas Belles

17. Civil War Medallion 

16. Scrappy Squares
given to Zina

15. I Love Summer

14. Ben's Rising Star- own design

13. Mum's Spring Garden

12. Dad's 90th birthday quilt 

11. Vintage Garden

10. "Sleepover at Grandma's"  given to Anne

9. "Ann's Garden" given to A

8. Bear Paw Ramble from Quiltmaker Magazine-1995


7. Kristen's baby quilt

6. Mariner's Compass - quilted and donated

All prior to the year 2000

 5. An exercise in pattern

 4. Scrappy Low Volume - before it was called low volume

3. Wall Hanging

2. House quilt 

1. Olive and Ivy 


Unknown said...

Hi - your quilts are awesome - on pinterest I have just seen a mini quilt of a CHristmas tree in a bicycle basket which is attributed to your blog but I cannot see it here. Is it possible for you to share the pattern?
Thanks and Merry Christmas season.
perry94022 at hotmail dot com

AnnieBikes said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts. I, too, am a road bike rider, and am quilting a bit less now that I am cycling more, even as I am about to be 69 years old. Just got back from Chile, did Taiwan and China in 2017, as well as Sri Lanka and Thailand! This year, will go to Japan, Ireland, and Croatia!! I love cycling but love quilting, too. Have to balance this!!

Inma said...

Me gustan tus edredones, te he encontrado por casualidad y me ha gustado todo lo que he visto

shadowalice27 said...

Your quilts are amazing! I love Hot Fudge. I also love the Tartan. I think I love all of them. I can't wait to see what you sew next!

Pamela Arbour said...

Enjoyed looking at all of your quilts. Beautiful work.

Unknown said...

Hello! What a gorgeous variety of quilts you have made! Do you recall the diameter of the medallion in your quilt Martha"s Medallion? Thank you.
Yvonne DeJean

Eve Bursey said...

Oh my goodness! You have been busy! Amazing quilts! I just discovered your blog. What are you working on now?

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