Monday, May 6, 2024

Beginning and Finishing!

 Beginning my Tara Faughnan "Small World" quilt.....

This series of photographs gives you an idea 

of how the blocks are made.

They are foundation paper pieced,

but sewn on the edge of the paper, 

rather than through it.

Of course, it will need a new name, 

so if you have any suggestions 

I'd be very happy to hear them.

The finish involves getting the backing organised for 

my "La Finestre" quilt.

I had the perfect vintage sheet squirrelled away,

but it was slightly too long and too narrow.

I remembered seeing a method of widening fabric 

by cutting it diagonally, moving one piece up or down

to give extra width.

There are tutorials and equations online

but my old brain couldn't see how it would work.

So I went with my tried and true method- 

make a scale model.

I needed the backing to measure 70" by 65"

Because my sheet was 60" by 80" 

I scaled it down by 1:20 and cut a 

paper rectangle 3" by 4",

Ooops, my photo shows I moved the paper down.

made a diagonal cut and moved one piece up,

and cut off the corners.

It measured 3.5" by 3.25"- perfect!

When you multiply it by 20 it would translate 

to 70" by 65"

In this photo (below) you can see some of the diagonal 

join on the floral backing

While I was playing, I decided to sew a label into the 

corner, ready for me to add the quilt's details.

Once the quilt is basted I will start hand quilting it.

Happy sewing!



Gretchen Weaver said...

Your quilt flimsy is so pretty! I look forward to watching you quilt this lovely, happy stitching!

Susan Smith said...

Both quilts are lovely & that backing idea is something I've never seen. Enjoy the quilting of it. Take care & hugs.

Kim said...

You've got me there on that backing. =) The Small World blocks are amazing. Such perfect piecing. I look forward to seeing the quilting of La Finestre.

FlourishingPalms said...

What a pretty start on your Tara Faughnan design. I like it a lot! But then I'm always attracted to bright colors, and this is a really good one! Your piecing looks very precise. Yay for FPP! Very interesting about how to make a piece of fabric a different width and length. You were a math teacher, weren't you? My mind is boggled by your numbers, but if I ever need to adjust a backing, I know who to contact! Ha, ha. I'm glad you could make it work. Nice to have another hand-quilting project at the ready. I have one too, but have a hard time making myself sit to work on it... my sewing machine has a siren call.

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