Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Hello again!

 It's been a while.

I'm still sewing....

The Potty McDotty centre section is together.  

I was thrilled to find the perfect fabric. 

I was looking for a green check that resembled trellis!

I intend to change up the pattern to make it more 


probably some wider low-volume borders with vines of 

flowers echoing those already made.

I've decided it will be called La Finestra, Italian for 


It feels like I am looking in the window of row after row 

of vases of flowers.

I've also been busy sewing for an upcoming Christmas market.

I felt I could kill two birds with one stone...

One, to work through my stash some more,

and secondly to meet some locals, as the market will be held in our little village

 a couple of weeks before Christmas.

I've made tissue cosies, washcloths, tea bag caddies, 

drawstring bags and bookmarks.

It's certainly been satisfying sewing up some orphan blocks!

I'm even using binding strips for the drawstrings!

Anything else I could make?????

Happy sewing,



Mary said...

Your quilts are so beautiful. Glad you are back!!

LintLady said...

Hello Suz,
beautyful !
:o) Doris

Florida Farm Girl said...

You have been busy. I hope the market is successful in that you meet lots of new folks. I'm gonna try one of those quilts one of these days. It's on my "list" if you know what I mean. Hope all is well. Take care

Susan Smith said...

Love the flower quilt and I'm hoping this comment shows. Having so much trouble with blogger. The little bags are cute. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

FlourishingPalms said...

Well your Potty McDotty quilt is coming along beautifully! Love the fresh colors, and the sashing print you chose is perfect. This is gonna be a fabulous finish, which I am guessing you will hand quilt. And good for you to be going to all the effort to sew, sew, and sew to make things for a local market. I hope you meet lotsa people that way! A couple more ideas are Bowl Buddies (Bowl Cozies), and power cord wraps (with a Velcro closure). I was gifted the wrap, and now think I need to make them for all our loose power cords. Also, mug rugs. Yay you for happily using stashed fabric, and making pin money!

Karen S said...

I am really quite taken by how these blocks are looking. And I think you have hit the mark with the sashing fabric. Great for separating but also giving a lift. Looking forward to the next stage.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your McDotty quilt is beautiful! I love the trellis fabric. Hope your items sell well. Happy stitching!

Kim said...

Oh wow! La Finestra sings to my flowery heart. All those vases filled with happy flowers are so cheery. The trellis sashing fabric is perfect!

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